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Fan-Made Street Fighter Movie Just Might Be Awesome

Just in case you’re still playing the awesome Super Street Fighter IV, you might not have heard the news that a new Street Fighter film is being released. I can hear the collective groaning. This just seems like a franchise that larger production houses cannot get right.

The answer? Give the property to the little guy. Or at least a guy who cares enough to hopefully do it right. British actor and martial artist Joey Ansah — you might remember him as Desh from the Bourne Ultimatum — took it upon himself about a year ago to assemble a crack team of filmmakers to produce a Street Fighter short film done right. Simply because he loves the series that much, and was thoroughly disappointed with Hollywood’s previous offerings.

According to his website, working with him are, just to name a few, Owen Trevor, the director of the geektastic BBC series Top Gear, and Anthony Waye, who was a line producer for the entire James Bond series and was an executive producer for Casino Royale. With that kind of talent backing him and his own creativity to bring to bear, this might be the adaptation SF fans have been waiting for:

My Team and I have strived to make a beautiful lil’ film that hopefully non fans will really appreciate, but ultimately this is a love letter to the Fans and the brilliance of the game. As a result I’ve gone to every length to be as faithful as possible down to the smallest details of the costume, the choreography, the narrative, the original music themes and of course the special moves!

After almost a year,  of blood, sweat, lots of favours, enthusiasm and love we are ready to announce and shortly thereafter, release, ‘StreetFighter: Legacy’ to the people who deserve it most…….the fans.

By the way, it’s coming out this Thursday. Short wait, huh? Check out one of the teaser trailers below.

[via /Film via Kotaku]

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