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Meet Our Friend Bill Nye and Other Space Experts at SpaceVision 2013

So much space crammed into so little space.

Bill Nye visits Goddard Space Flight Center

Bill Nye will give the keynote on November 7 to kick off SpaceVision 2013, which is this year’s edition of the biggest annual student-organized space conference in the United States. The four day conference gives students and the public a rare chance to network with professionals and academics and learn what’s happening in space.

Our friend Bill Nye alone would be a big enough draw for us to travel all the way to ASU’s new School for Earth and Space Exploration in Tempe, Arizona, where the conference is being held. Still, they’re promising a whole, “unparalleled” list of other speakers to make it worth your while.

Among the additional speakers will be “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait and Elise Andrews of I Fucking Love Science. There will also be representatives of asteroid mining companies Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources on hand to talk about, well, mining things from asteroids.

If you’re in Arizona and want to learn more about space and the people who help us explore it, SpaceVision should be a really good time. You could also just go because you find it dreamy when astronomers talk about science. We can’t blame you.

(via 24-7 Press Release, image via NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

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