St. Margaret of Antioch by JACOPO CHIMENTI holding a cross with a dragon beside her (Left) and St. Margaret of Antioch holding a cross while glancing at the dragon by Raphael (Right)

Medieval TikToker Presents a Fantastic Historical Costume Idea for Couples

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TikTok personality Greedy Peasant posts a lot of hysterical skits about the medieval period. And now that the spooky season is rearing its head, GP is dropping a series of medieval costume ideas. They’re all saintly, but maybe not safe for church. Not everybody would appreciate cosplaying as a beheaded saint out in the streets, especially if they’re familiar with their church history. Conversely, many found the idea of walking themselves into their graves as an executed saint a hilarious idea.

This Tiktoker had another funny suggestion for those with other halves who wanted to try a different outfit this Halloween.

St. Margaret of Antioch and the dragon that ate her make a cute pair. Take that how you will, but as legends go, St. Margaret lived a life of Christian devotion and swore herself to God. Margaret refused to marry a Roman Diocese who told her to renounce her Christianity, which got her in a lot of trouble. She endured torture but was miraculously swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon during the events. According to the legend, Margaret made the sign of the cross while inside the dragon’s belly (must be spacious in there), which allegedly irritated the bowels of the dragon and he shat her out as a result. Some art depicts her bursting forth from his stomach, but either way, she was out.

Also known as Margaret the Virgin, she is appropriately titled to be the saint against diabolical infestations. Greedy Peasant suggests that anybody who tries to execute this costume should leave fabric at the mouth of the dragon from Margaret’s skirt, just to “give chronology to the saintly swallowing.” Ironically, she is also dubbed the patroness of pregnant women, even if she has never conceived. The dragon was probably fuming at that title since it was the one that gave birth to her. If this costume isn’t to your liking, don’t worry! Greedy Peasant has several amazing costume ideas on his TikTok channel.

(featured image: Tournabouni Arte/The Louvre, Paris)

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