McDonald's Halloween Squishmallows

Mom, Can We Go to McDonald’s for These Halloween Squishmallows?

I'm ordering a Happy Meal right now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to order a Happy Meal for lunch. Yes, I may be a grown woman, but these Halloween Squishmallows? They’re so adorable.

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Yes, McDonald’s is partnering with Squishmallows for a series of promotional Happy Meal toys for the holiday season. They’re adorable, hand-sized, and going viral across the internet right now. Saw one from TikTok? Here’s what you need to know if you (or someone in your family) wants a Squishmallow toy of their own.

What are the McDonald’s Halloween Squishmallows?

“Spooky on the outside, but squishy on the inside?” Yes, according to an official U.K. McDonald’s ad for the partnership. A series of spooky little Squishmallows are available now for kids ordering Happy Meals at McDonald’s. There are six different mini collectible Squishmallows kids can collect, each with their own special designs.

Halloween Squishmallows from McDonald's

The Halloween series for this year consists of the following, in left-to-right order in the image above:

Click on the links above to head over to the Squishmallows Wiki, which provides more information on each individual toy’s history.

The Happy Meal promotion lasts through Oct. 31, so kids have until Halloween to get their hands on one of these Squishmallows.

When and where can I get McDonald’s Halloween Squishmallows?

The McDonald’s Squishmallow promotion began on Oct. 11 and runs through Halloween. These six special Halloween toys can only be found in participating McDonald’s locations in Ireland and the U.K.

So, can U.S. customers get the McDonald’s Halloween Squishmallows?

Sadly, nope. The Halloween Squishmallows promotional run is exclusive to the U.K. and Ireland, which means American Squishmallow fans will have to fly overseas (or hop on eBay) to get their hands on one of these toys.

In the U.S., Happy Meal toys are currently Pokémon themed. The Sun reports that squishmallow toys will appear in Happy Meals in the U.S. later this year.

In the meantime, please don’t call your local American McDonald’s and ask about these toys. One Redditor said they called “22 different McDonald’s in Texas,” only to hear nothing back. Your local McDonald’s employee will thank you for sparing their time.

(featured image: McDonald’s)

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