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Matt Smith Might Have One More Episode of Doctor Who, Colin Baker is Definitely Ready to Play a Female Doctor

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Colin Baker jumps on the Lady Doctor train with all the cool kids, and we may not have heard the last of Matt Smith‘s Doctor? It’s rumors and folks saying stuff time for Doctor Who. Potential spoilers ahead!

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First Baker, who in an interview with the Radio Times, established that he is firmly in the camp of folks who think the Doctor could be a woman. In fact, he’s willing to do it himself just to get it done.

There should [be a female Doctor]. It won’t happen because they are too timid but there should be. First female Doctor? I will have a sex change and do it… I am in touch with my feminine side.

Well, it would be thematically appropriate, Mr. Baker, but lets wait, perhaps, until Steven Moffat has moved on to new pastures.

Doctor Who TV has an anonymous source saying that Matt Smith, or at least his voice, will show up in Series 8. Apparently, before he left set for the final time, Matt Smith took some time to record some dialogue between himself, Clara, and the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi). That dialogue may be used in a Series 8 episode when Clara is feeling uneasy with the Doctor’s change. Eleven, anticipating this, calls her up from the past just before his regeneration, to reassure here.

Timey wimey? Oh heck yes. I mean, how much did Eleven even anticipate regenerating before he went? When exactly did he have time to chat? On the other hand, it’s not particularly farfetched as far as Doctor Who goes. If you’d like to see for yourself, DWTV has some quotes from the scene, though with no official announcement, you’ll want to take their post with a grain of salt.

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