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Matt Rife and Jordan Peterson Was Not the Mashup I Expected

Matt Rife and Jordan Peterson talking to each other

The twists and turns just keep coming for Matt Rife. Rife, who was once the TikTok darling who had women everywhere defending him, including mothers, is now becoming the Red Pill dream.

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Why? Because Rife decided to turn right so hard that now the Daily Wire and Jordan Peterson are “defending” him for making bad jokes on his Netflix special. Rife’s fall from grace is hitting every possible rock along the way. On Peterson’s podcast this week, which you can watch if you really want to, Rife and Peterson have a lengthy conversation about his “cancellation” and people reacting to Rife’s special, particularly about his domestic violence joke at the beginning of the special.

Joining the podcast to continue his “woe is me” act because of his “cancellation,” Rife talked to Peterson about his brand of “comedy.” I use the quotations because I don’t see what Rife does as comedy, but rather a white boy standing up on stage and saying words that are not funny and haven’t been funny in this century.

Peterson said to Rife at one point that the people who were offended by the domestic violence joke in his special just do not have a sense of humor, which is hilarious given my own comedy background and all the jokes I could make about how Peterson sounds like what I imagine a turtle sounds like if they could speak. But the two mocked the men who had a problem with Rife’s joke, including Rife talking about a response he saw on TikTok.

 “I saw one TikTok video response [from a guy who said], ‘I have a wife, and I find this severely disrespectful,’” Rife said. “OK, you cuck. Whatever. What do you want? To get more p*ssy outside of your wife? You’re already married. She already respects you. What more do you want?”

It sure is a choice to go talk to Peterson about this.

Whatever kind of PR this is, it really is a choice. It is a giant “f**k you” to the women who were fans of Rife before all of this went down. Rife insinuates that he is even done posting his crowd work on social media, which is why he even has the career he did have. All of this is just a slap in the face to the people who lifted him up and gave him the career he is throwing away for a bad joke.

Going on Peterson’s podcast is really just a step up in the “What are you doing?” trend of Rife’s latest journey. Whether it is a PR move to let him be the king of cancel culture or whatever this weird approach to the next step of his career is, it shows that Rife does not care about the women who gave him the platform he has because going on Peterson’s podcast and working with the Daily Wire is sending a clear message to everyone.

This is gross, and his dedication to not apologizing for any of his jokes really makes it clear where Rife stands with his “comedy.”

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