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Matt Gaetz Got Absolutely Destroyed on Fox News

I needed this.


Florida Congressman/total tool Matt Gaetz was on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News Thursday night and it did not go well for him. Normally, Ingraham’s show is a safe space for far-right lies and other nonsense, but Gaetz was on alongside liberal pundit Christopher Hahn, who wasn’t having any of it.

It all started when Gaetz tried to claim the Democrats were politicizing the coronavirus by pushing mail-in voting and Hahn ripped into the hypocrisy of that statement coming from that man in particular.

THIS MAN is accusing people of politicizing a pandemic:

Hahn said he thought the hypocrisy was “rich.”

“I hope you’re gonna lend that [gas mask] to your constituents so they can show up and vote, Matt!” he yelled as Gaetz tried to talk over him. Gaetz is still insisting he was “making a point” about the severity of the virus by wearing a gas mask on the House floor, which is 100% the opposite of what he was doing. Hahn called it a “nice revisionist history.”

The clip then cuts to Gaetz again defending Republicans’ opposition to mail-in voting and postponing elections, choosing instead to force people to literally risk their lives to vote in person, as we saw this week in Wisconsin.

Gaetz says the real voter suppression was coming from Democrats, who are encouraging people to stay home. He specifically cited James Carville, who he says told people they would die if they showed up to vote. (What he actually said was that Republicans “will kill people to stay in power, literally.” Also, Carville is a political consultant, not a lawmaker so I don’t know why Gaetz thinks an interview on MSNBC can be called “voter suppression.”)

“Buddy, you shouldn’t be talking about people dying,” Hahn shot back, the two now just full-on yelling over each other. “Because people in your district saw you making fun of [the coronavirus] and took this less seriously and may have been infected as a result. You are responsible, you should be resigning from Congress, sir.”


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