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Masi Oka Gets (to Write) a SyFy Pilot

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Heroes actor Masi Oka has signed a deal with SyFy to develop a pilot for a new scripted series called The Correctors. No word on whether Oka will be acting in the series, but he will be the executive producer for the show if the series is picked up. He will be working out the story with Alex Sabeti, who will handle the writing. From Screenrant:

The story for The Correctors is described as a mix of alternate universe action and time travel. It follows two agents who travel to a parallel universe (Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop‘s ears are turning red) to inhabit the bodies of their parrallel selves. While on missions, they “correct” events and/or prevent disasters from occurring.

Well, Oka already has some experience with time-hopping storylines, doesn’t he? This announcement comes on the heels of the Rockne O’Bannon series announcement. Along with the new superhero series Alphas and the Battlestar Galactica spinoff BSG: Blood and Chrome, it might be fair to say that SyFy is on a scripted series kick after a bunch of reality shows.


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