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The Mary Sue Holiday Gift Guide: For the Superhero Fan

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The holidays can be hard for a lot of people. Whether it is not being able to be with your friends and family this year or not knowing what to do to celebrate those in your life, it’s an interesting year for gift giving, to say the least. But if you have that one superhero fan in your life that you want to celebrate, we have some incredible ideas for gifts to get for them!

Black Widow pin set from Marvel

With Black Widow being delayed until next year, many fans want to celebrate the movie we’ve been waiting all this time for in whatever ways they can. With this exclusive pin set from Disney, there are two great aspects of any fan covered! Disney pins are collector’s items among fans, and who wouldn’t want pins with Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova on them?

The limited-edition pin set is $59.99  at the Disney Store online.

Christmas/holiday-themed Funko Pops of your favorite DC heroes

Wish you could own a Funko that has Batman looking like Scrooge? Well, now is your chance! These specific holiday Funkos are perfect for the DC comic fan who loves to have a bit of fun with their collection. And COME ON! Wonder Woman using lights as her lasso? It’s so cute!

You can get your favorite from Target and other participating stores! 

Marvel pajama pants

Right now, it’s all about the comfort, and what better way to stay inside and stay warm than with these Marvel logo pajama pants? Filled with logos from all our favorite characters, the pants seem to be like the perfect holiday treat for fans of the Marvel heroes.

You can spend the holidays comfy in these Marvel-inspired PJ pants at the Disney Store online.

Customized, DC-inspired glassware

Sometimes, it’s not just about the superhero aspect, but rather, the idea of you being the hero you want to see in the world. And this personalized glassware can go a small way towards that goal. With your name and your favorite hero both represented, this glassware gift is perfect for any fan of the Justice League.

Get your favorite hero customized for you at the DC store!

Marvel subscription

Rescue 2020 #2

Trying to keep up with all the comics you and your friends love? Marvel Unlimited is a great way of spending a small amount of money to have the world of Marvel at your fingertips. And, if you have someone in your life who really loves Marvel, get them a subscription for a few months so they can read as many comics as they’d like!

You can get Marvel Unlimited from! 

Birds of Prey DVD

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

The beginning of this year showed such promise with the release of Birds of Prey, and while many of us did get to see the DC movie in theaters, some still are waiting to watch Harley Quinn take on Gotham City, away from the Joker. So why not give that DC loving fan in your life their own copy of the movie?

Birds of Prey is out on DVD at most major retailers and on digital!

Miles Morales and Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation games

There is a lot of talk right now about the PlayStation 5 and the Marvel games coming out with it, but even if your friend or family member has a PS4 instead, they can still enjoy games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the new Avengers game to keep them entertained while we all stay inside and safe!

You can buy both the Miles Morales game and Marvel’s Avengers at Best Buy and other major retailers.

Justice League-inspired face masks

We’re all still living our best mask lives, and that means that many have taken to showing their “fashion” sense with their masks. And superhero masks go a long way to making people feel a little happier about everything going on. So why not give your friend or family member their favorite hero on a mask?

Pick your favorite member of the Justice League and stay safe with these masks from the DC store.

LEGO Avengers Tower

All those Avengers Tower fanfictions that we read to make our lives complete can now come to life in a new LEGO set! Creating the once-named Stark Tower, you can form your own story of the Avengers living in NYC and, it will keep you entertained and safe inside!

Make your own Avengers Tower from LEGO at the Disney Store online.

Spider-Man inspired lamp from ToyNK

Never have I, personally, clicked on something faster in my life, but who wouldn’t want Spidey hanging from a city lamp to light your way through reading or writing? This Spider-Man desk lamp is honestly a perfect little nerdy addition to anyone’s collection, and look at how cute he is!

Get your own Spidey lamp from! 

Make sure to get the superhero fan something they’re sure to love!

(image: Funko/ToyNK)

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