Tony Stark answers his cell phone while dressed like Santa Claus.

The New ‘What If…?’ Trailer Includes a Bizarrely Cool Easter Egg

Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for What If…? season 2, and it’s Christmas-themed! Not only that, but it kicks off with an eye-popping reference to Marvel’s last Disney+ series, Loki season 2. Here’s the new trailer!

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Did you spot it? In the first few seconds of the trailer, Uatu the Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) appears to be showing Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) the multiverse. And what does the multiverse look like? Why, a giant tree, which fans will recognize as the newly-created Yggdrasil from Loki season 2.

A quick refresher on the end of Loki season 2 (skip this paragraph if you’re avoiding spoilers): Loki realizes that in order to save the multiverse, he has to destroy the temporal loom and bind all the timelines together himself. He revives the dying timelines with his magic, sits on He Who Remains’ old throne, and reconfigures the time stream from a line into a tree. Although no one in the show calls the tree Yggdrasil, the reference to Norse mythology is unmistakable.

Yggdrasil’s presence in What If…? makes total sense. The show is based on exploring all the different possibilities in the multiverse, so it seems obvious that Uatu would be aware of what Loki did. Are the two of them buddies now, since it’s both of their jobs to take care of the multiverse? Maybe! Will What If…? get into what exactly is going on with Loki now? I’m not holding my breath on that front—it might just be a brief reference—but you never know.

There’s another detail in the trailer, which is fun and kind of bizarre: Yggdrasil is decorated like a Christmas tree. I wouldn’t read too much into it, though. If you look closely, the strings of lights and ornaments don’t quite match up with the art style of the tree itself, so I’m guessing Marvel added that detail just for the trailer. After all, What If…? is coming out over the holidays.

What If…? season 2 premieres on Disney+ on December 22, with each of its nine episodes coming out daily until December 30.

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