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Marvel: Who Is Songbird? Sadie Sink’s Rumored X-Men Character, Explained

Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things and Thunderbolts' Songbird in Marvel Comics

Rumors allege that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is eyeing Stranger Things‘ star Sadie Sink to portray Songbird in the upcoming Thunderbolts film. It wouldn’t be surprising if the MCU and other big franchises were taking note of Sink. The young actress had a big year in 2022 as she blew audiences away with her performance as Max in Stranger Things season 4 and starred alongside Brendan Fraser in The Whale. Now, insiders have claimed that she is being considered for the role of Songbird.

If Sink does appear in Thunderbolts, she will be the third Stranger Things cast/crew member to migrate over to the MCU. David Harbour was the first to make the transition, as he took on the role of the Red Guardian in Black Widow and will reprise his role in Thunderbolts. Stranger Things director and producer Shawn Levy has also been tapped by the MCU and given the role of director for Deadpool 3. Sink has been a popular fan choice to portray the new Jean Grey in the MCU. However, she would be equally well suited to portray the supervillain-turned-hero Songbird.

Here’s everything you need to know about Songbird, Sink’s rumored MCU role.

Who is Songbird in Marvel Comics?

Jennifer hale as Songbird in Marvels Avengers Assemble: Ultron Revolution

Songbird was born Melissa Gold and suffered from a very troubled childhood. Her mother, Mimi, was imprisoned for robbery, leaving the young Gold alone with her abusive alcoholic father. As a result, she ran away from home and roamed the streets as a homeless youth. During this stage of her life, she adopted her mother’s name Mimi and a very hard personality to deal with the somber circumstances of her life. Sadly, she followed her mother in more than just name and ended up in prison, too.

In prison, she joined a wrestling gang known as The Grapplers under the nickname Screaming Mimi. The Grapplers were hired by the unethical Roxxon Oil company and given Roxxon’s technology in return for doing their dirty work. Screaming Mimi was fitted with Roxxon technology that enhanced her vocal cords, giving her the power to produce super-sonic screams. Following her stint with The Grapplers, Screaming Mimi was recruited by Helmut Zemo to join his Masters of Evil supervillain team.

It was while serving with this team that she met Angar the Screamer. With similar powers, the two become criminal sidekicks and romantic partners. Sadly, their romance ended in Angar’s death and Mimi burning out her powers with her grieving screams. Still, she refused to give up her villainy, returning to Masters of Evil once her health was restored. As a result, she was one of the Masters of Evil supervillains who was a part of Zemo’s Thunderbolts scheme. Using disguises and aliases, Zemo’s Masters of Evil began portraying themselves as a fake superhero team called the Thunderbolts to gain intel. Mimi took on the alias Songbird to join the Thunderbolts. However, Songbird ended up being part of the Thunderbolts group that revolted against Zemo and became a truly reformed superhero team.

Songbird’s superpowers explained

In addition to receiving technological enhancement from Roxxon, Songbird further honed in her supersonic sound abilities through Power Broker, Inc. She utilized this agency during her stint with The Grapplers. While most of The Grapplers sought superstrength, Songbird requested further enhancement of her vocal cords. Later, after burning out her powers, she enhanced them a third time with the aid of the Fixer. Ultimately, she ended up with vocal chord implants and external enhancements that gave her the ability to create supersonic blasts, force fields, and even just pure solid sound. Her ability to generate solid objects from pure sound resulted in her creating sound-generated wings for herself, thus, attaining the power of flight.

In some iterations, she also seemingly attained superhuman strength from the Power Broker along with the other Grapplers. Meanwhile, her ability to produce a variety of pitches also gave her subtle influencing powers over others. Lastly, her stint with a team of wrestlers gave her durability, stamina, hand-to-hand combat skills, and agility. She is a hardened, tough young lady with a chip on her shoulder and supersonic abilities, and Sink could easily shake up the MCU as the villain/hero.

(featured image: Netflix, Marvel Comics)

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