Hey, Want to See a Preview of One of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Shorts?

And So It Begins
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Last month, we told you about a series of short films that were being produced by Marvel, and now we know a bit more about them. Rather than spotlighting more obscure Marvel characters, the shorts will serve to “fill in the gaps” of The Avengers. And the first one, entitled “The Consultant” and featuring Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), seems to take place after Iron Man 2 and post-The Incredible Hulk.

Here is the preview clip, and you’ll see why it’s probably Tony Stark we’re talking about:

So far, the “consultant” in question probably being Tony Stark is all we can really deduce from this clip. As Screen Rant points out, his consultant status was established at the end of Iron Man 2, “and the mission to annoy General “Thunderbolt” Ross would refer to the conversation that takes place between Ross and Stark during the credits of Incredible Hulk.”

Basically, what we’re seeing in this short is Coulson deciding to send Stark to talk to Ross about The Avengers Initiative and manipulate him into keeping “Blonsky” -– a.k.a. The Abomination from Incredible Hulk under lock and key -– but to what end?

Indeed. And will we have our questions answered in the one-shot when it’s released in its entirety? Or will we have to wait until The Avengers? The full short is expected to be included on the DVD/Blu-ray for Thor when that hits shelves September 13. And the next one is entitled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer,” so that sounds like a jolly good time.

(Screen Rant)

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