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Marvel Needs To Make This Gender-Swapped Avengers Fan Art a Reality

Sylvie pursing her lips in Marvel's Loki series.

One of the best parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4, were all the new, experimental directions Marvel took with its characters. Drawing from the rich source material of decades of comics, Marvel introduced new incarnations of old favorites, including She-Hulk, Ironheart, Captain Carter, Kate Bishop, the Mighty Thor, and Yelena Belova. In fact, by the end of Phase 4, Marvel Studios had enough new characters for a whole new Avengers roster—complete with Loki variant Sylvie to act as their antagonist.

We haven’t seen a line-up like that in the MCU yet, and we likely won’t, considering that Captain Carter and Mighty Thor are both dead (and Captain Carter was in another universe, anyway). That doesn’t stop fan artists from dreaming, though. One artist, who goes by Critter of Habit, used the new characters to recreate a classic moment in The Avengers.

In the image, the Avengers—made up of Kate Bishop and other Phase 4 characters—stand over Sylvie in Stark Tower after the Battle of New York. Sylvie says a classic line in subtitles: “If it’s all the same to you … I’ll have that drink now.”

Critter of Habit describes the scene as a “What If” scenario, and I would absolutely watch this episode of “What If…?” A 30 minute speed-run of The Avengers with Phase 4 characters? I’m down.

It isn’t just the gender-swap (and little sister tag-in) that makes the thought exciting. It’s the fact that each of these characters has their own distinct personality. How would the plot of The Avengers go differently if Riri and Jane were fighting over custody of Sylvie in the woods, instead of Tony and Thor fighting over Loki? What decisions and mistakes would they make? What new banter would we get? What would happen if Sylvie’s scheme hinged on Jen losing control and hulking out, instead of Bruce? It’s so much fun to think about.

Then there’s the fact that Sylvie has been criminally underused in the MCU so far. I know, I know, we just started Phase 5 and Loki season 2 is coming out soon, but I really hope we get to see her being a badass and interacting with other MCU characters. The set photos of Sylvie wearing a McDonalds uniform doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope in that regard. If she isn’t in at least one of the two upcoming Avengers movies, then I may launch a battle of my own.

(featured image: Disney+)

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