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‘Loki’ Season 2 is Shaping Up to be Super Weird


Loki and Sylvie stand next to each other, looking out in a promo image for Loki

Loki fans have been waiting a whole year for Season 2 so far, and we’ll probably have to wait another whole year before it premieres on Disney Plus, but we’ve finally gotten a little sustenance over the past couple of weeks with some leaked set photos. Now that we’ve gotten to see some costumes and sets, a few possibilities about the plot are emerging, and … they’re very, very weird. Who knew a series about trickster gods breaking the multiverse could take such an odd turn?

Don’t read any further if you’re avoiding spoilers for Season 2!

The First Leak: Loki and Mobius Go to the Movies

The first batch of leaked photos came out during a July 4th night shoot in London’s West End, which saw Loki and Mobius in 70’s era tuxedos and Wunmi Mosaku’s Hunter B-15 wearing an evening gown. Also visible was a bunch of vintage movie posters featuring obscure Marvel villains. One poster was an add for Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo, the Eternal who has a generations-long career as a Bollywood star. There were also some extras dressed as punks, and one actress who looked like Queen Elizabeth.

Are Loki, Mobius, and B-15 attending a movie premiere? Is it Kingo’s movie premiere? Is Kumail Nanjiani going to have a cameo in Season 2? Is Queen Elizabeth at the premiere? What is going on here!?

The Latest Leak: The Gang Hits McDonald’s

A new batch of photos came out a few days ago, revealing Loki, Mobius, and a captured variant at a 70’s era McDonald’s. We can only assume that this scene takes place during the same trip to 1970’s England as the movie premiere.

The location isn’t the most telling part of the leak, though. We’ve finally gotten our first glimpse of Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), and she’s wearing a McDonald’s employee uniform.

Cool mullet, Sylvie! But why is she working at McDonald’s? Why would any Loki from any universe deign to even eat there, let alone spend hours taking orders from snotty customers? (Full disclosure: I worked at a McDonalds for two seconds in high school, and it’s the most degrading, demoralizing job on the planet. If the lady whose salad fork I forgot to give her happens to be reading this, I wish I’d spit in your stupid salad, I really do. This happened 23 years ago.)

There are two possibilities I can think of for why Sylvie might be slinging burgers: 1) she’s on the run from the TVA again, and earning a little money to survive, or 2) this is a Sylvie variant whose life has somehow led to this point. Neither possibility explains what a frost giant with magic powers is doing in a minimum-wage job on Earth, though. I really, really hope the series isn’t using this scene as a way to undercut a powerful female character. It does make for some good fan art, though!

A couple other details about the new photos: Loki seems to working for the TVA again, although we don’t know if the Mobius who’s with him is “our” Mobius or the new variant who didn’t recognize Loki at the end of Season 1. Also, Loki’s got a nice new coat—with the collar flipped up, of course. I’m still holding out hope that he’ll get his Agent of Asgard coat by the end of the season.

What Could All This Mean for Season 2?

Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie on 'Loki,' looking angry and about to attack.

We’ve already gotten hints, from Season 1’s cliffhanger, of Loki’s goals in Season 2: he wants to reconcile with Sylvie and stop Kang’s multiversal war. So how could these scenes factor into that? Especially since we know that a 70’s sequence was originally planned for Season 1?

It’s possible that Loki is accompanying Mobius on a standard TVA mission, which would explain the guy in the TVA prison jumpsuit. At the end of Season 1, the new Mobius thinks that Loki is an analyst from another division, so it’s possible that Loki rolls with that as a cover story while he figures out his next move. It’s also possible that Loki and Mobius are searching for Sylvie, and their search has taken them to the 70’s. Maybe they even enlist Kingo’s help.

It’s also possible that all this wild stuff is for a sequence that’ll get cut from the final product and shoved into a Disney vault, and we’ll never know how it was supposed to factor into the story! Remember all the King Loki stuff in the Season 1 trailer that never actually appeared in the show? Marvel loves to mess with us!

What’s your most far-out theory for what Loki and friends are doing in the 70s? Stick it in the comments. Come on, give us your weirdest, most unlikely ideas for what the gang might be up to.

(image: Marvel)

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