Disney Chairman Says Marvel Movies “Will Go On Forever,” As Will Star Wars

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I hope you’re not sick of movies and TV shows about Marvel and Star Wars. Disney chairman Bob Iger doesn’t think you are, or at least that’s what he just told the BBC when asked if audiences might be getting a little burned out:

No, I don’t think they’re getting weary. But I think we keep raising the bar in terms of telling stories that bring them back, that excite them, that make it feel new and that is what we do for a living.

They’d better keep raising that bar, since Iger claims that the Marvel movies could go on “forever.” Here’s the full hyperbole for you: “Marvel, you’re dealing with thousands and thousands of characters — that will go on forever.”

Same goes for the Star Wars franchise, says Iger. After acknowledging the multiple spin-off Star Wars properties currently in production, Iger went on, “There will be more after that, I don’t know how many, I don’t know how often.” The BBC doesn’t make mention of whether or not Iger was bathing in a literal pool of gold while doing this interview, nor do they specify whether or not he happened to be rifling through a massive wad of cash. That’s more or less how I pictured it, though.

I wrote recently about the on-again-off-again Star Wars: Underworld TV show, which Kathleen Kennedy keeps saying could happen eventually. If these Disney franchises do go on “forever,” as planned, then it seems likely that Star Wars: Underworld will rise from the depths at long last.

Any other Star Wars properties that you hope will show up in the next few decades? How about Marvel characters who’re long overdue for a feature film? Sounds like all you have to do is wait long enough. You might even have to wait forever. In some cases, it feels like we already have been.

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