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Netflix Renewed Marvel’s Jessica Jones for a Third Season—But Do We Even Still Care at This Point?

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in "Marvel's Jessica Jones"

We got word yesterday that Marvel’s Jessica Jones has been renewed for a third season over at Netflix. Now, as a fan of all things female-led and female-created (yes, I know Brian Michael Bendis created the character, but I’m talking about the show, which was developed for television by Melissa Rosenberg), a part of me is happy about this. The other part of me … is meh.

Season one of Jessica Jones was some of the most well-executed television I’d ever seen. Season two? Not so much. There was definitely a sophomore slump, and as Chris Evangelista over at /Film put it, “Season 2 was a bit of a mess, and dragged on at an interminable pace, telling what was essentially a 6-episode story over a period of 13 episodes.”

And then there was Trish’s entire storyline, about which Princess declared, “Trish Walker was legitimately the worst in Jessica Jones’ second season, and despite a few moments here and there, very little about her story was redeemable.”

It seems to be a trend with Marvel Netflix series that the first season of their shows sucks you in and is amazing, but they suffer from severe sophomore slumps. It happened with Daredevil. Season one was perfection. I was so engrossed, and when it was over, I wanted more! Then they gave me more, and I was like, Why is this so BORING. Between Daredevil’s constant moralizing and hypocrisy about Punisher killing when he’s constantly leaving people for dead or giving them brain damage, all the craptastic Elektra/The Hand stuff, and Karen just becoming uuuuuuuggggghhhhh, Daredevil s2 was definitely a step down.

Now that we’ve kind of seen that happen with Jessica Jones as well, do we actually still care about a third season? Or do we want to hold on to the gloriousness of season one forever?

What do you think? Are you excited about Jessica Jones Season Three? Tell us below!

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