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Is This What the Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Holds for Deadpool?

Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer

It’s very much a rumor, coming from a source that’s not necessarily reliable, but the talk is that Ryan Reynolds/Wade Wilson/Deadpool will make an appearance in the third MCU Spider-Man movie (giving Spideypool fans a delight) and go on to be a part of the next Avengers film. The problem with that, for me, is that we have no idea when we’re getting another Avengers movie. As far as we know, it isn’t on the radar, so would a Spider-Man 3 be the first introduction, and then we’d wait until another Avengers, or what would be the deal? (Truly, I just want to know what Phase 4 is going to be. It is nerve-wracking.)

That same source says that Wilson may have more of a stake in the MCU—more specifically that he’ll be a part of the Avengers when he eventually joins. Although, I’m not sure that’s really want I want to see. Why not have him actually be a part of the X-Men and use Deadpool as a way to bring the X-Men into MCU sooner rather than later? Or maybe that’s the plan after all, bringing him into the MCU first and then the rest of the X-Men later?

Ryan Reynolds being a member of the Avengers seems like a great thing, but also a disaster. Wade Wilson is known for his mouth, his sexual advances on Spider-Man (no thank you, in this case), and his willingness to make anything and everything about his penis. So … he’s a perfect fit for Disney, right? Wade Wilson may not exactly be “Disney appropriate,” but really, are any of the Avengers, with the exception of Steve Rogers? There’s an entire storyline where Tony Stark is an alcoholic in the comics, and Tony in the MCU isn’t really the best example of what to do anyway—and they did have the most frat bro-y group of actors bringing the Avengers to life before, so Reynolds and his character are going to fit right in.

All that being said, Wade Wilson is like if you took the negative aspects of every superhero and dialed them up to 11. So, the idea of him being an Avenger delights and frightens me all in the same breath, something that would probably make Wade very happy. A character who is physically scarred after trying to cure himself of cancer, Wilson becomes a hero who cannot die. He regrows limbs, gets shot repeatedly, and comes up with half-baked ideas that normally get other people killed. So, having to watch Marvel’s other Avengers deal with him is going to be delightful.

Marvel head Kevin Feige had already weighed in about Deadpool’s fate after Avengers: Infinity War, but he also said something about the Marvel characters that is honestly better than whether or not Deadpool would join the MCU. Now that we know the merger happened, that question is answered for us anyway, but Feige talked about what was, fairly recently, only a dream of Marvel regaining access to as many of its characters as possible:

I like that Kevin Feige talked about that dream, especially since so many of us look at the MCU and long to see the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and more represented there. It’s hard to forget that other studios owned the rights to these characters and made it hard for Marvel to have access to them just a few years back. Just look at their use of Spider-Man; that’s still a connection to Sony, and the MCU still doesn’t have access to every character in Peter Parker’s canon.

The thing is that this is all speculation. Unless this information really comes from “inside sources,” no one really knows what plans Marvel has for the upcoming Phase 4 and their new cast of characters. We have hopes (mainly hopes that Iron Heart is going to make her appearance), but that’s about it.

What we do know for a fact is that any future Deadpool movies will continue to have an R rating, despite Disney owning it, and maybe we’ll even see Wade come in contact with Wolverine more now that Feige and Marvel are in charge. Whatever ends up happening, it’s certainly going to be fun to finally have some Spideypool action onscreen, and Disney is going to have a lot on their plate with the addition of Wade Wilson.

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