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24 Cats Dressed as Marvel Characters

Agent M, Marvel comics blogger extraordinaire was tweeting with some friends yesterday about “Kitty Avengers and Kitty versions of Marvel characters on Twitter,” and things went naturally from then on.

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Which is to say that six different professional artists made a score of interpretations of different Marvel characters as cats.

See below, of course.

Katie Cook, currently drawing the Fraggle Rock comic,  produced the picture above (MODOK), and the following:

Galactus (and a teeeeny Silver Surfer).


Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.

MODOK and Captain America.

From Chris Eliapoulos, the artist behind Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius:

Captain America.


Galactus again.


The Punisher.

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.

Lar Desonza, of Least I Could Do:

Miss Marvel.


The Hulk.


Wolverine, in Professor X’s chair.


Greg Pak, who, yes, has done a lot of work on the Hulk:

Evan Shaner whipped up this furry Luke Cage:

And our favorite, Skottie Young‘s Symbiote infected feline:

(Agent M via Comics Beat.)

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