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Here is a List of Questions For Martin Scorsese to End This Stupid Debate Once and For All

I am so tired.

Martin Scorsese

Because it’s 2019 and we can’t just let something go without beating it through the ground, through the earth’s molten core, and clear out the other side and into the empty void of space, we are STILL plaguing the internet with hot takes about Scorsese’s opinions about the superhero genre. And while essentially the whole argument boils down to the “let people like things/let people not like things” meme, it is somehow still blowing up the internet to the point where famed auteur director Martin Scorsese has felt pressured into writing an op-ed for the New York Times clarifying his position on superhero franchise films and their impact on the movie-making business as a whole.

And while I, others, and probably Scorsese himself are extremely tired of talking about this, it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. So let’s just lean all the way in and see what other stupid pop culture questions we can bother him with/force him to write more op-eds about.

Here is a brief list to get us started:

  1. What does he think of Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts franchise? Are they cinema?
  2. Follow up: Which house would the Sorting Hat place him in? Is he a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw?
  3. Second follow up: What’s his favorite Quidditch position?
  4. Will Taco Bell actually be the winner of the upcoming Franchise Wars?
  5. What ARE the three sea shells for?
  6. Has he had the Popeyes fried chicken sandwich?
  7. If so, would he classify the sandwich as cinema?
  8. Is vaping cinema?
  9. Has he seen Joker?
  10. Is Joker cinema or superhero?
  11. Will he go take a selfie on the Joker steps in sexy Joker cosplay?
  12. Or has he already taken the selfie, come on be honest now Scorsese.
  13. Did he like the all-ladies reboot of Ghostbusters?
  14. Has he seen My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
  15. Follow up: Is he more of an Apple Jack brony or a Pinkie Pie brony?
  16. Is the sky cinema?
  17. (Points to the ground) and what about that?
  18. (Points to self) Am I….. am I cinema?

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