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I Never Would’ve Guessed Martin Scorsese Is a Fan of This Netflix Show, but He’s Right

The cast of 'Derry Girls' strike a funny pose for season 3

Everyone, on some level, loves Martin Scorsese for one reason or another—mostly because of his work, but others have come to him from his daughter Francesca’s TikTok page, where she features him frequently because who doesn’t love the idea of a humanized Marty Scorsese? Point is, we love him.

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Sometimes, I put aside the differences that I do have with Martin Scorsese over his distrust of Marvel movies and realize that I love my Italian grandfather. (He’s not related to me, but still.) From his movies like The Departed (my personal favorite) to his family’s love of documenting things he’s doing on social media, it’s just fun to check in on Martin Scorsese and see what he’s up to.

So when a new bit of information on Scorsese hit Twitter, I instantly started to scream about it. During a Q&A at the Economic Club of Chicago, Scorsese (in a bow tie) was asked about what he’s currently watching, to which he said that he’s been watching Derry Girls. Yes, the delightful Netflix show about young girls growing up in Derry, Ireland back in the late ’90s.

“I watched the other night Derry Girls,” he said as the crowd erupted in cheers. “Those nuns,” he responded with a laugh, and honestly that’s good enough for me! Was his nuns joke about his own relationship to Catholicism? Probably! But I’m just more focused on the fact that, when he could be watching cinema or doing whatever it is that Marty likes to do, he decided to sit down with some Netflix and watch Derry Girls.

The dream that is Derry Girls

It isn’t surprising that Marty loves the show. If you take two seconds to watch it, you’re taken in by the young group of friends and their love of music and hanging together and the chaos that ensues from being teenagers the ’90s. The series is just a bit of a breath of fresh air and I will miss it now that it has ended.

But knowing that Martin Scorsese has also fallen in love with the girls as the rest of us have—personally, I hope that Claire is his favorite (even if Erin is my girl). So while we’re all making up Martin Scorsese movies or rolling our eyes over how he talks about the MCU, at least we know that he does love incredibly fun television shows about growing up in Derry in the ’90s.

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