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Mark Zuckerberg Was Adorably Psyched to Be on SNL

Oftentimes, when a public figure has been maligned in the press, they try to redeem themselves by showing that they have a sense of humor about themselves, that they’re not the self-absorbed wanker we think they are. Saturday Night Live is usually a choice venue for redemption because most likely, the cast and writers have already had their shot, but they’re a bunch of comedy nerds who don’t really want to cause a stir with people they come into direct contact with (who are also billionaires). Sometimes, these public figures come on the show and fail. But Mark Zuckerberg? Success.

Seriously, Mark Zuckerberg was so psyched to be there. Was he going to dazzle us with unexpected comic timing? No. Of course not. But he was going to get the chance to come on TV — on a comedy show that has made fun of him before, no less — and prove that he’s not the character Jesse Eisenberg created in The Social Network. But mostly, he was gonna be on SNL! He wasn’t smug, he wasn’t too cool for it, he was happy to be there, interacting with two guys who have portrayed him before. (“Awk-berg!”)

Other geek-relevant highlights …

A new Lonely Island video! Featuring John Waters and “T-rexin'”!

And remember the old Nickelodeon show Mr. Wizard? Science “makes things grow”!

(Saturday Night Live on NBC)

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