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Mark Ruffalo in Talks to Join She-Hulk Series? Hulktastic!

Bruce Banner as Professor Hulk in Endgame

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Mark Ruffalo is, currently, the odd man out of the core set of Avengers—meaning his Bruce Banner is, pretty much, the only one whose future was left wide open. With Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, we saw the end to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’ storylines. Natasha Romanoff met her maker but has her own movie coming out this spring, Clint Barton is joining the Hawkeye series with Kate Bishop, and Thor: Love and Thunder is underway.

So … poor Bruce Banner is just out here existing as Professor Hulk without any plans for the future—that is, until Mark Ruffalo took to C2E2 over the weekend to talk about his future with Marvel and, more specifically, She-Hulk. Considering the character’s direct connection to Bruce Banner, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Bruce to show up in her series. In the comic, Banner is Jennifer Walters’ cousin, and when she needs a blood transfusion, Bruce is the only one who can help her—and thus, her alter-ego is born.

When went to C2E2, they reported that Ruffalo, at his panel, confirmed that he was in “preliminary” talks to come back as Bruce Banner for the show. Here’s my question: Is that just more Professor Hulk? Avengers: Endgame had explained away his gamma transition into Professor Hulk, and while … a lot, Professor Hulk is a fun version of the character.

The thing is: When is Bruce Banner going to get his own movie? I guess, technically, there was one, but we just pretend that movie doesn’t exist. (Sorry, Ed Norton.) The thing is, though, Mark Ruffalo technically still has one movie on his Marvel contract. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Marvel contracts and how stars sign away their lives for years without a chance for freedom. (At least they’re making the big bucks!)

With Ruffalo, he’s talked about his six-movie deal, and as of Avengers: Endgame, he’s only been in five (because cameos do not count towards the overall deal). So, his little scene in Iron Man 3 isn’t part of it. That means that, even if She-Hulk doesn’t heavily feature Bruce Banner, he still, technically, has a movie coming our way.

It could be Thor: Love and Thunder or another hero’s flick, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Bruce Banner is getting his own movie any time soon. Honestly, how annoying, because I’d watch a Ruffalo standalone movie any day of my life.

Still, it makes sense that Ruffalo would be on a show that … stars Bruce Banner’s cousin, so we hope Ruffalo and Disney can work out a deal. To be quite honest, I’d be more concerned if Marvel didn’t include Bruce Banner, seeing as her superhero storyline begins from her connection to her cousin.

Plus, any excuse for more of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk is a perfect reason for me.

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