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Don’t Let Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Panty Discourse Distract You From the Bigger Picture

Can I get a lacy KN95 for date night?

The eponymous Panty and Stocking

At this point, it’s clear that the GOP thinks we’re just a bunch of idiots with too much free time. Marjorie Taylor Green, known with no degree of fondness as MTG, dropped this little number yesterday afternoon:

And it’s so perfectly designed to cause uproar and distract from more serious things going on. She obviously knows she’s kicking the hornet’s nest by bringing mask discourse back into the spotlight, and unfortunately it’s the nature of many people to be reactionary without thinking.

Guys, Machine Tun Gelly is just trying to rile you up so you use your rage for unproductive purposes. If she does believe this, then she’s an unempathetic moron, but we already knew that. At the very least, we already knew that was her whole “image.”

But there’s other things to focus on. For instance, this has been happening that we ought to pay more attention to:

Meanwhile, the Senate is about to vote on the “Respect for Marriage Act”—a bill that’s being touted as legalizing same-sex (and interracial) marriage but does not actually do that and, in fact, employs cleverly deceptive wording to hide its true purpose. It won’t actually protect same-sex or interracial marriages, it’ll just ensure that if you get married in a state where those unions are legal and recognized, then travel back to your home state (where it may not be legal), you’ll only then be protected on a federal basis. The fact that this shit is still even up for debate is ludicrous and vile.

There’s also the fact that the former president and current Republican candidate—and the person still best at riling up MTG’s base—just had dinner with one of the country’s most well-known white supremacists.

So unless your hobby is letting off hot air on high school bullies who will do anything for attention, you really shouldn’t give this clown her free rodeo pass. Let her honk her nose by herself.

Or hey, better yet, just laugh in private. I do think it’s kinda funny to imagine hooking up with someone and watching them pull down their pants, only to reveal a KN95 covering their junk. Get Fauci on the line, we oughta hear his take on this.

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