Mario Sneakers. ‘Nuff Said.

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The sneaker phreakers at HappyCash Fashion have lovingly hand-painted some Nike Dunks with the visage and fists of Super Mario, in his Paper Mario iteration. Super jumps are sure to follow.

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From the product description page, via Geekologie:

These awesomely cool Nike Vintage Dunks are available in an amazing combination of red, blue and white and with the greatest video game character in history, Mario.

…These superb looking vintage dunks are designed to bring out the video game lover in you holding true to your personality and at the same time making you feel proud of whom you are.

Like all good things, they’re currently sold out, but even when they come back, they’ll still cost a pretty coin: The shoes retail for $140, or one and four tenths extra lives.

(Happycash Fashion via Geekologie)

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