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Did You Remember to Leave Cookies Out for Mariah Carey? Because It’s Time (Kind Of)

"We still have to get through Thanksgiving."
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As I passed out the last of my Halloween candy to the Trick-or-Treaters who wandered through my neighborhood, I shut off the light to my front porch and prepared for bed. I slipped into my pajamas, tucked my hair into my beloved bonnet, and said Mariah Carey five times in the mirror before leaving a plate of cookies out for her so she could have a snack before belting out the lyrics to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at 12:01 AM.

That’s right.

It’s time.

Well, it’s kinda time, as the video says, because we still have to get through Thanksgiving. She’s smashing that pumpkin for making pies, NOT for Christmas, not yet.

However, we do have something coming on November 5th, it looks like.

I have always found the success of Mariah Carey’s “I’m Set For Life Because JCPenney Keeps Playing My Christmas Song” rather fascinating – and I imagine she has, too. The song was released back in 1994 and I assure you, it is a delightful tune, but I never imagined that it would be SO well-loved that Mariah Carey trends, like clockwork, on November 1st. You kinda assume that a song you like from the 90s is gonna stay in the 90s, with the exception of you playing it to show younger generations what music used to be like back in my day.

I was 11 when that song came out, I never thought I’d see it used as the indicator for Christmas coming every single year.

Of course, it helps that she’s absolutely in on the hype, always showing up with some kind of “I Clearly Invented Christmas” tweet to indicate that it’s time.

I mean, can you blame her? I’d have a Christmas tweet in drafts ready to go out on November 1st, too, if I were Mariah Carey – cute Santa outfit and all. She’s even got an official hashtag that has a cute icon of her to go with it!

Good for her, honestly. Keep collecting royalties from every single Kohls that’s gonna play your song on repeat.

Speaking of which, as someone who worked retail during the rise of Macarena and would hear the song 2 – 3 times an hour AND watch customers stop to do the dance (I’m not kidding), I salute you, holiday retail employees.

Happy “Mariah Carey Season” to all, and to all a good “All I Want For Christmaaaaas Is Yoooooooooou, Bay-beh!”

(Image: Mariah Carey/Twitter screencap)

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