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Comedian/National Hero Maria Bamford Has Filed a Restraining Order Against Donald Trump

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Earlier this month, the brilliant and hilarious comedian Maria Bamford posited a question on Twitter that I’m guessing a whole lot of us would like an answer to:

Looking back to see what inspired this question, the answer seems to be … the same shit as always. Around that time, Trump was tweeting about fake news, the border wall, China, and, of course, all the things Obama did wrong.

That’s all it takes, though, for a whole bunch of people to jump onboard with the idea. When asked if this could be a class action suit, Bamford replied,

Incredibly, Bamford actually followed through with the idea, and she live-tweeted the experience.

Any bureaucracy nerds will probably be very into this whole process.

While Bamford may not have had much of a chance of succeeding with this case, she sure makes a good argument for why it should be considered as valid.

Bamford (and those of us watching) didn’t get immediate closure. But this fight is not yet over.

Bamford may be a comedian, but this is very clearly not a joke. Some (and by “some” I mean the dudebro-driven TMZ) are assuming that this is merely a publicity stunt to promote Bamford’s upcoming tour. That’s a fairly insulting assumption, but honestly, if we’re living in a world where beurocratic political protest is a way in which comedians can promote their work, well, that’s a hell of a sign of our weird-ass times. Pretty much everyone feels a uniquely deep connection to politics these days, and just because someone tells jokes for a living, it doesn’t mean they don’t take these things seriously.

We’ll keep an eye on this to see how Bamford’s suit progresses.

(via AV Club, image: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New Yorker)

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