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Margot Robbie Is Using the ‘Barbie’ Press Tour To Pay Homage to Iconic Barbie Looks

With Barbie hitting theaters soon, it’s a great time for Barbie fans who grew up and still want to live their lives in a hot pink world. I am, of course, speaking from experience. As the press tour picks up speed with stops across the globe, we’re seeing some great looks from the cast as a whole. From Ken’s blue looks coming to life in Ryan Gosling’s outfit choices to a general understanding of the Barbie brand and its themes, the press tour has been a pink wonderland.

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What’s Barbie’s world if not every shade of pink possible and bright outfits that match her chosen profession for that day? What this beautiful press tour has done is just exactly what it should for Barbie.

It has, in all honesty, made me extremely jealous because there is nothing that little me would have loved more than seeing a world of pink and everything Barbie before me. The marketing is every Barbie fan’s dream world and it has been amazing to see it all come to life through this press tour. I am willing to spend as much money as needed to stay at Barbie’s Malibu Dream house AirBnb. Everything about the press tour for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has been perfectly on theme and the team at Warner Bros. definitely got the Barbie memo.

Recently, fans have begun to pick up on the fact that star Margot Robbie has been paying homage to some of Barbie’s most iconic looks. Let’s take a closer look at Margot Robbie’s looks on each stop of the tour and how each of them is inspired by Barbie.

It all started in LA

Barbie Press Tour
(Eric Charbonneau)

The Barbie press days in Los Angeles featured a series of looks from Margot Robbie that were pink, vibrant, and beautifully Barbie. However, that isn’t the coolest part of the press junkets. As journalists got off of the elevator to go to their interviews, they were greeted by a hotel that dreams are made of.

Paired with a beach-themed backdrop (because what are Barbie and Ken without the beach?), the junket is an element of this tour that shows how much they understand the beauty of Barbie.

The car that Margot Robbie posed in front of is also important for fans of Barbie. When I was a kid, I used to have the Barbie alarm clock that featured Barbie in the front seat of that very same car and it is a beautiful nod to the little moments of the canon of Barbie. It also made me yet again jealous that I don’t have a cool little car picture to go with my alarm clock from the ’90s.

Barbie takes Australia

Barbie Press Tour
(Caroline McCredie Photography)

It’s not shocking that Margot Robbie saved one of the all-time best Barbie looks for her return to Australia but she did and I love it. The black-and-white Barbie look is an homage to the first-ever Barbie and her iconic swimsuit. As a collector of the Barbie Christmas ornaments from Hallmark, this has always been my personal favorite Barbie and my favorite ornament as well because it is such a staple. Seeing Margot Robbie wear the black and white dress with Barbie’s cateye sunglasses? It’s just the stuff dreams are made of.

It is currently winter in Australia, so Robbie’s pink carpet look was a bit on the warmer side, but it still had that Barbie flair. A pink turtleneck and hot pink sparkly skirt, it’s a perfectly pink nod to the character and the outfits many of us would have put on our own Barbie dolls growing up.

Barbie Press Tour
(Caroline McCredie for Warner Bros. / NBC Universal)

Iconic looks for Seoul

Barbie Press Tour
(Chang Ho)

Now Seoul is where Robbie and her stylist Andrew Mukamal really began pulling out all the stops. From nods to looks that Barbie fans know very well to outfit changes between events (and sometimes at the same event), Robbie’s fits have been a genuinely fun look into the history of the doll while still making her new and fresh for audiences coming into the Barbie movie having not thought about the Mattel staple for quite some time.

Barbie Press Tour
(Chang Ho)

One of the most impressive things is this Barbie business-to-night look because the two were released in tandem and are perfect nods to Barbie’s legacy as well as Robbie and Mukamal’s attention to detail.

Barbie Press Tour
(Chang Ho)

So far, every single look we’ve talked about has been inspired by Barbie in some way. Her Sydney premiere look was just a pink nod to the doll but each is something that I think Barbie herself would be proud of.

There are four more stops on the Barbie world tour and all of the looks thus far have me incredibly excited for what is to come in Mexico City, London, Berlin, and, of course, the premiere in Los Angeles.

(featured image: Warner Bros.)

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