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AsapSCIENCE Teaches Us How to Believe It’s Not Butter [Video]

The differences between margarine and butter are pretty clear, right? One is processed vegetable oil — the other is good old-fashioned cream and salt. One is the finest of all possible ingredients that can save nearly any recipe if applied in time. The other is, well, margarine. What margarine does have going for it, though, is that it’s better for your health than delicious, artery-clogging butter — or is it? In their latest video, AsapSCIENCE details the chemical differences between butter and margarine, suggesting that margarine might not be the lifesaver we tend to think ┬áit is. Too bad, margarine — if you don’t actually have the health factor working in your favor, this really just stopped being a contest at all.

So it seems like mostly a draw. Which would be reasonable, except that everyone knows in the case of a draw, butter wins. Sorry, margarine – nothing personal. You’re a great spread, but you’ll never be more than a pale shadow of butter. It’s just something you’re going to have to learn to live with.

(via AsapSCIENCE)

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