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Marco Rubio Tries to Tone Police Capital Gazette Shooting Survivor, Gets Roundly Shamed by Social Media

This. Fucking. Guy.
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Yesterday’s tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette offices in Annapolis, Maryland shocked and horrified the nation. Five employees of the newspaper were senselessly killed and two were hospitalized for injuries. CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a phone interview with Capital Gazette writer and shooting survivor Selene San Felice, who responded to Trump’s stock “thoughts and prayers” response with an impassioned plea that something be done. Her interview, which is absolutely devastating, can be seen below:

San Felice finishes the interview by saying, “I’m going to need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers because our whole lives have been shattered. Thanks for your prayers, but I couldn’t give a fuck about them if there’s nothing else.”

There are many ways to respond to such a horrific incident like this shooting. Lord knows we’ve had plenty of practice. Florida Senator Marco Rubio decided to chime in with the hottest of takes on the whole affair:

My feelings can only be expressed in the following GIFs:

REALLY, Marco Rubio. That was your takeaway from this entire thing? That a reporter used the word “fuck” to describe the trauma of watching her co-workers gunned down before her very eyes? The fact that you A) leapt to tone-policing as a first response and B) were feckless enough to think that this was an appropriate tweet at this very moment shows you for what you truly are: a spineless, feckless, sycophantic shit-heel in a cheap suit whose finger is so far from the pulse of this current moment that even Google Maps couldn’t locate it.

In the midst of this horror (which you and party have done zero to combat because you’re thirsty for that NRA blood money) you decide that a woman using the F-word is somehow a bigger offense than mass murder? What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? Where is your soul? Is it on a gilded mantel in Trump Tower, alongside your spine and self-respect?

Merely hours before the shooting, Rubio was tweeting about the “lack of trust” in the press:

He then followed these tweets up with a clip of himself on Fox news because irony has ceased to exist. Ever since 2016, Trump and his weaselly colleagues have scapegoated the press and promoted violence against journalists. Just two days ago, noted clown shoe Milo Yippiekayaymotherfucker told his followers “I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight.” Cause, meet Effect.

Many took to Twitter to criticize Rubio’s tone-deaf tweet and the responses are scalding:

I think I speak for everyone here when I say to Marco Rubio: shut the fuck up and delete your account.

(via Huffington Post, image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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