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Marco Rubio Continues to Be an Absolute Garbage Person

The Florida senator claims that journalists are celebrating COVID-19 deaths in ghoulish tweet.

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Florida invertebrate Marco Rubio has taken a break from tweeting self righteous bible quotes to focus on the real enemy: journalists. As his state suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Rubio is tweeting this nonsense:

Like the rest of the Republican party, Rubio is following Trump’s narrative that the country’s response to the pandemic has been timely and adequate (it hasn’t and it isn’t). Instead of urging for stronger leadership or more transparency or a faster response time from his boss, Rubio has fallen into lockstep with the Trump administration’s bogus narrative.

Trump and his cronies regularly claim that we’re winning the war on COVID-19, that tests are plentiful and available everywhere, that we have enough ventilators and PPE. But those claims have been proven, time and time again, to be lies. The president claims that journalists are attacking him when they are simply reporting the facts and looking for answers.

Many journalists quickly responded to Rubio’s tweet with anger and frustration:

ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl, who Trump recently referred to as “cutie pie” (WTF does that even mean?!) responded to Rubio’s tweet by saying, “That tweet hit just after our friends at CBS News learned that one of their colleagues, one of their co-workers, died from coronavirus. A colleague at NBC died of coronavirus. We have two members of the White House press corps who are now suspected to have coronavirus, … Who does Marco Rubio think is taking joy and glee at more people being sick? That’s an outrageous statement. It’s a hurtful statement.”

It’s infuriating that Rubio, like his Republican cronies, are so ready and willing to march off a cliff for Trump. Even in the face of literal death, they are hewing to the party line in defiance of reality. We can’t become numb to the fact that this is craven, soulless behavior. If Republicans like Rubio haven’t woken up by now, they never will.

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