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Find Out Where You Can Go in Under 15 Minutes With Mapnificent

Many navigation systems can tell you how long it will take to reach your destination, and some can even help you get there. But Mapnificent goes one step further. Instead of telling you how long it take to reach your destination, it shows you destinations that you can reach in a pre-set time limit by foot and public transportation. For anyone that has ever stepped out of the office to grab a quick bite and been missing for days as a result, this tool is for you.

Built on the familiar Google Maps, developer Stefan Wehrmeyer’s dead simple interface allows users to find their location and then illuminating the areas they can reach. Mapnificent does much more, though, allowing you to search for destinations within the areas you can get to — say, finding a bar within 20 minutes of your office. And if you’re the sociable type, you can select multiple locations and find locations that can be reached by both parties in the selected time frame.

The service is only available in certain U.S. cities, and fewer foreign locales. But an idea this good is sure to grow, and could be coming to a public transportation system near you.

To see a video of the service in action, read on after the jump.

(Mapnificent via Flowing Data)

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