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Let Me Meet the Mandalorian in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, You Cowards!

din djarin literally crying

I was supposed to go to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars park the week the country shut down. OBVIOUSLY, that did not happen. But the idea of getting to ride the Millennium Falcon or see some of my characters in the park delighted me. (I will, one day, get a lightsaber.) But one of the things that has weighed on me is that, as of right now, I cannot meet my husband Din Djarin in the park. But that may be changing.

In a piece from The Direct, they talk about how, on The Disney Dish podcast, there were rumors about characters from The Mandalorian being added in a hope of taking the park away from the sequel trilogies a bit because of what is more popular now—which, to be fair, is The Mandalorian despite the excitement of the sequel trilogy originally kicking the park off.

The dividing nature of both The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker has made the sequel trilogy a tricky subject. Many fans have struggled in their love of the series after the sequels, but with the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, that love has returned, so it makes sense to try to switch the park to reflect the more widely accepted aspect of the franchise.

So why not have both? Why not include The Mandalorian but keep the sequel trilogy present, as well?

The thing is Galaxy’s Edge has a timeline. Well, sort of. In theory, the park takes place after The Last Jedi, before everything that happens in The Rise of Skywalker. That’s not to say you can’t meet the other characters. Throughout the park, you can meet Star Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker but just not in the Galaxy’s Edge part.

There is a conversation going around that it wouldn’t make sense/they won’t add them because of this reason or that, but I want to say why I think Din Djarin (and company) should get added to the meet and greet portion of Galaxy’s Edge, at least. For people like me. Yeah, I’ll be selfish. One of the reasons I got back into Star Wars the way I have is because of The Mandalorian.

I have always loved Star Wars but with the somewhat toxic nature of the fandom during the sequel trilogy (on all sides), it took me out a little bit. My love was enough to keep me going to the movies at midnight and getting excited but there wasn’t that excitement that I held for new Star Wars content as I did as a kid. But then came The Mandalorian and that love was back in full force. So getting to meet Din Djarin at the park? Well, that’d just be the icing on my own personal cake.

Not to say that I won’t love getting to see Chewbacca again. I will. My favorite picture of myself is me with Chewbacca from when I went to Disney before Galaxy’s Edge opened but still.

But I also am in a weird place because I don’t necessarily think we should just erase the current storyline. The sequel trilogies exists and we love those characters as well, and switching the park to the world of The Mandalorian sets a precedent that whatever is the new popular Star Wars thing will be the focus. Instead, I think Galaxy’s Edge can just merge all our love of Star Wars into one and just forgo the storyline.

We’re at the park because we’re fans of the Star Wars franchise and, the majority of us, are a bunch of adults who are going to cry meeting these characters so just add Din and Grogu and Ahsoka and Boba and let us all be the kids we long to be while watching The Mandalorian and other Star Wars properties. I need to meet my space husband Din Djarin.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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