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Man Who Can’t Just Let Girls Sing Along to Taylor Swift Gets His Dirty Laundry Aired in the Process

Instead of staying quiet, a man went online to mock a Taylor Swift lyric, and well, he f***ed around and found out. The 28-year-old chair of “Students For Trump” was angry at a lyric from Swift’s “All Too Well,” and it didn’t end “all too well” for him.

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Ryan A. Fournier decided to go on X and make a fool of himself. Swift is currently performer her Eras Tour in Europe, and one of the videos posted online includes the lyric “F**k the patriarchy keychain on the ground,” and Fournier saw a video of the “F**k the patriarchy” part and decided to say something. He wrote “Taylor Swift… A multibillionaire… gets an entire audience of mainly kids to scream ‘F*ck the Patriarchy.’ Grooming an entire generation to hate men.”

The person in the song with the “F**k the patriarchy” keychain is a man, and the point of the lyric is his hypocrisy in that sentiment, but okay. Fournier ended up with the most brutal community note getting added to his tweet. The original community note mentioned that Fournier was arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend.

It is also telling that someone who has “Students For Trump” proudly in their bio misunderstands that trying to break down the patriarchy does not actually equate to hating men, but that’s unsurprisingly lost on him. Fournier, instead, would rather say that Swift is “grooming” an entire generation. Most of the people at the Eras tour are not children but adults who used their adult money to buy tickets, but alas. Logic!

To see Fournier get read for filth because he just tried to use Taylor Swift as an excuse to repeat his tired rhetoric is pretty hilarious. The community note has since been changed to remove the bit about the (very real) arrest and focus on the song only and explain the context, but it is proof that you might not want to talk about Swift lyrics and try to have a “gotcha” moment. It won’t work out for you.

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