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Man Plays MMO on World’s Second-Largest Screen, Is a Hero

On November 21, 2010, a man drove under the 7,500 square meter LED screen at The Place (which seems to be a mall) in Beijing, sat down on a prepared lounge chair, whipped out his laptop, connected to the world’s second largest LED screen above, and played an MMO for ten minutes. According to MMO Site “insiders,” renting the screen for that amount of time cost the man around $15,000.

The screen normally features fairly useless scenery, such as underwater scenes or an assortment of coins, wasting what many gamers would consider to be the second-holiest of gaming grails. Reading through various comment sections, the identity of the MMO is yet to be discovered, even though the video features a load screen. It’s over in Asia though, so it must be of the grindfest variety, am I right?!

Either way, this man is a shining example of Gamer. Triforce tattoos have nothing on this guy.

(MMO Site via GamesRadar; screenshot via GamesRadar)

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