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Thinking Ahead: Website Will Mail Your Ashes to a GOP Congressperson if Trumpcare Kills You

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If yesterday’s House vote on the American Health Care Act (or Trumpcare, as he reportedly hates to hear it called, so naturally that’s what we’ll call it) left you terrified, you aren’t alone. The new bill would be devastating to millions of Americans, in large part because it would allow states to deny (or, more accurately, allow them to waive requirements for) coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions. And the list of what qualifies as a pre-existing condition includes pretty much everything a human might experience in their lives, from acne to “menstrual irregularities” to cancer to obesity to so much more. A lot of people are scared for their lives right now, with exactly zero hyperbole. People are afraid they are going to die.

So as morbid or extreme as it may seem, a new service called Mail Me to the GOP is making sure that if that happens—if Trumpcare denies you coverage and causes your death—at the very least, you can make one hell of a morbid, extreme statement by making arrangements to send your ashes to a GOP congressperson.

The website has a simple form for your name and address and the Republican lawmaker you’d like to receive your remains, and they’ll then help you get the paperwork in order to have your ashes mailed to that representative.

There’s also room to answer the prompt, “Why will you die because of the Republican health care bill?” Here are a few responses listed on the site:

— “I have incurable brain cancer. And if prices skyrocket and subsidies are hard to maintain it will shorten my already shortened life and put my family in significant financial jeopardy.”

— “My combat tour in Iraq resulted in enough disability to make me uninsurable, but not enough to get all my healthcare through the VA. You killed me, you prick.”

— “Asthma. I cannot afford to be in a high-risk pool and without health insurance, I will die of an asthma attack. I will die of an easily controlled incurable lung disease that affects millions. I hope my parents put my blue-faced body on Congressman Lloyd Smucker’s doorstep.”

— “because you took away my fucking insurance”

The site has seen such a high number of visitors, it reportedly crashed yesterday. Let’s hope everyone looking into this option is also taking a moment (really, just a moment! It’s easy!) to contact their senators before the next vote.


(via Mediaite, image: screengrab/CNN)

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