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Magneto Is Trending For the Most Ridiculous Anti-Vaxx Reasons

We're all Magneto now

Anti-vaxxers are on some next-level nonsense. Each day they seem to come up with another excuse as to why they won’t get the vaccine and why others shouldn’t. Which is rich coming from the group of people who intersect directly with the group of people who refused to wear masks and helped to contribute to the deaths of almost 600,000 Americans because a mask was “infringing on their freedom.”

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Now, those same people who wouldn’t take the virus seriously, and those resistant to the scientific breakthrough of the COVID vaccines, are frequently complaining and fear-mongering about the rest of us wanting everyone to get vaccinated. It’s just a constant cycle of pure and utter buffoonery.

The most recent dispatch from the frontlines of buffoonery is a so-called “anti-vaccine expert” speaking in the Ohio House Health Committee. She says that the vaccine is magnetizing people, because “the protein, now we’re finding, has a metal attached to it,” and thus is causing keys and forks to stick to those who have received shots.

There’s also mention made of “EMF frequencies” and mysterious “interfaces” and “5G towers” googly boogly, but at least that’s par for the course from these folks. The magnetization theory, however, was something many of us on the vaccination side of things had not heard about. And so the suggestion of our new magnetic powers sent the clip trending as well as the master of cutlery-sticking himself, Magneto.

I dunno about you guys but I am, in fact, Magneto now. I was just keeping it a secret in case no one else was a mutant.

As someone who loves comic book characters and particularly the X-Men, I wouldn’t exactly be mad about being a mutant now but it’s also just … very much not the case. And this woman claiming to be an “expert” is sharing harmful rhetoric that is going to continue to ruin and take lives because those “true Americans” who believe this crap will think they’re going to get 5G if they get a vaccine. Again, I don’t know why that would be a bad thing. Your phone would always have service. That’s a win for me.

Twitter, of course, went on to talk about us all being turned into Magneto.

I’ve been fully vaxxed for over a month now, and I will tell you that I can indeed bend metal to my will. (Actually, I thrive using chaos magic, so my powers are more Magneto’s daughter Wanda Maximoff than Magneto himself, but who knows what will happen as my vaccine-given abilities accelerate.)

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