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M3GAN and Another Terrifying Doll Are Beefing

A queen named M3GAN watching out the window

M3GAN is my best friend. She only did one thing wrong in her entire life and that was (minor spoiler) hurting a puppy. Other than that, she’s perfect. And I’m not the only one who thinks that. Fans have flocked to see the latest horror film about the AI Robot doll and came out cheering for our blonde little bot. For good reason: She’s a comedy queen.

M3GAN is the kind of character who sees that you’re sad and knows to sing you a song to make you feel better. That song is “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia but still. If it isn’t that, then she’s playing Eminem’s “Toy Soldiers” on a piano or coming up with something sassy to say to the adults trying to shut her down. Point is, M3GAN knows how to be funny and she uses it to her advantage.

M3GAN takes crap from absolutely no one and it is why she has quickly become an icon. And she’s now feuding though with another favorite murderous doll. I’m talking about Chucky, of course.

Chucky, the murderous doll with red hair and overalls who loved to scare me growing up, tweeted at M3GAN that she can “try” but she will never be the OG. To M3GAN’s credit, her response was iconic. “ok boomer” is truly perfect. Because technically Chucky himself (Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray) is a boomer. M3GAN knows her stuff!

I’d watch a M3GAN and Chucky battle.

This is an easy PR move. They’re two dolls who kill people. Obviously doing something together on social media is going to get attention. But I’d take it one step forward. I would go as far as to say that if they wanted to do a Freddy Vs. Jason style meet up, it’d do well. Think about it, did you think that Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees would ever meet up and fight each other? Probably not. But when they did, something shifted in the world. Horror fans were reigning supreme and everything was good in the genre. (Not really, but we can hype the idea.)

Imagine M3GAN coming face to face with another toy: Chucky. M3GAN, needing to assert her dominance, is determined to take him down. But Chucky is, in a lot of ways, her equal. So the two go on a long-winded quest to be the other’s demise, but all the while M3GAN is still trying to be the best AI for whatever kid she’s bonded to.

It’d be great! I think it’d sell millions of tickets and we’d flock to see M3GAN, a bot who killed two men with a paper cutter, take on the doll Chucky. But I also just want a lot more of her in my life. So if that means seeing a battle between toys? I’m in.

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