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If Lylla Is Going to Be Rocket Raccoon’s Love Interest, I Know Who Should Play Her

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Rocket Raccoon, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s furry, genetically enhanced curmudgeon, finds love in Marvel comics. Her name is Lylla, and she’s an intelligent, talking otter because, you know, that checks out. Lady Lylla, an heiress to the toymaking empire Mayhem Mekaniks, is Rocket Raccoon’s soulmate.

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Talk about Rocket Raccoon’s fate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has left me an anxious ball of nerves because, for whatever reason, I love Rocket Raccoon the most in this world. So everything about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 makes me worry that he’s is going to find love … and then get killed off. It wouldn’t be too out of character for the MCU.

The thing is, GotG director James Gunn loves Rocket, and maybe he’ll refrain from killing him just for the sake of permanently ending his storyline. It also helps that Gunn gave clues that we may be seeing Lylla in the next film. With that knowledge, however, comes casting rumors and that’s where our fun begins.

For those unaware, Bradley Cooper (you know, the guy who you probably hear on the radio every hour singing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born) voices Rocket Raccoon. Wild twist, right? Well, many started to think about who could play Lylla to Cooper’s Rocket, and to be honest, this rumor is the only one I truly care about.

Do I want Lady Gaga to play Lylla just because of the drama it would cause on Twitter? Almost definitely, but I also think that Lady Gaga will do a great job. She has a very distinct voice, the acting ability to pull it off, and we already know that she has chemistry with Bradley Cooper.

It would also make for a great bit where we can all just quote songs from A Star Is Born while talking about Rocket Raccoon and Lylla, and that is maybe the best thing that could ever happen to me.

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