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Really, Luvs? A Diaper-Soiling Contest? [Video]

I first saw this ad while watching Adult Swim, the block on Cartoon Network that shows adult-oriented cartoons. At first, it seemed weird that Luvs was advertising during Adult Swim, but then as I watched the ad, I realized it was exactly where it belonged. Because it’s an MTV Beach Party-style contest in which babies compete to crap themselves. Also: Tag Team? Really? Was this thing written in the late 1990s and shelved because people thought it was too “of the times,” and they’ll unleash it once the late ’90s are “retro”? (PS: This hasn’t happened yet.) Unless this is supposed to target people my age, who came of age during that era of free-wheeling tackiness and are supposed to have babies by now, but are watching Adult Swim instead … oh. I see. Thanks, Luvs. Thanks a lot.

(via AdFreak)

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