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Lucasfilm Editor Mocks Men-Only Star Wars Screening Nonsense


The dregs of the Internet were brought out again last week when Alamo Drafthouse decided to host an all-women screening of Wonder Woman (on one night, at one showing, after the movie’s release), and some dudes on Facebook couldn’t handle it. As usual, the more we poked fun at them for whining over nothing, the more people started whining, and out came the all-male screening suggestions.

One of these punchline-less jokes came from noted Star Wars boycotter/dumper Jack Posobiec on Twitter, who I guess … no longer wants to boycott Star Wars? Or he thinks that the franchise should provide all-male screenings, despite how its “SJW” tendencies have turned it into something not worth watching in his estimation anyway? He’s spent some of today on Twitter defending this by indicating that going to see the Star Wars movie coming out this year, which features the same cast as The Force Awakens, will somehow be different and not deserving of a boycott, but I don’t recommend trying to wrap your head around that logic.

Anyway, he called for a full week of men-only screenings of The Last Jedi, and whether he was just talking about Alamo Drafthouse or in general, I have to assume he was being facetious, but it’s still an absurd thing to say. Jennifer Heddle, executive editor for fiction at Lucasfilm, understandably didn’t find it very funny and shot him down with a quick reminder that there are plenty of women involved in Star Wars whether whiny man-children trying to protect what they see as their toys like it or not:

Yeah, men also worked on Wonder Woman, but the women-only Wonder Woman screenings aren’t a petty, humorless joke about shutting out people of a gender that’s been oppressed throughout history. It’s amazing how many people—even well-intentioned-but-ultimately-still-concern-trolls who worried that the screenings were unnecessarily divisive—are either unable or unwilling to appreciate nuance and get why these limited events shouldn’t be upsetting.

Here. Here’s a blunt summary:

(via Uproxx, image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

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