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Are LOST and Heroes Racist?

Andre Meadows from Black Nerd Comedy thinks so.  Here’s his hilarious take on why black people keep getting the shaft from science fiction television shows:

Some commenters seem to have missed the whole “comedy” aspect of the video, accusing Andre of using race to grab attention:

So what? Where is it said that everyone has to like everyone else and that writers have to appease everyone? The writers are portraying their FICTIONAL characters in a manor that they hope will make the shows successful and thus make them a lot of money. Basically they are doing what every other journalist does when he writes an article and tries to come up with a headline to attract readers. In this case….”hate black people” was thrown out to attract readers, with absolutely no basis of fact to back it up.

Though my favorite comment might be this one:

OK, realistically how many black folk are likely to be on an flight coming from Sydney? The show has stretched hard to be multi-cultural. While black people are blown up there is a long list of white folk on the dead list too. In this final season, it’s a “Who is left standing?” situation.

Yes, what business do black people have being on a plane out of Sydney? Unfathomable!

Andre’s a pretty funny guy, and is taking the predictably reactionary comments on his video in stride. In response to the haters, he writes: “IT’S A FRAKKIN’ JOKE PEOPLE.” So say we all.

You can follow Andre on Twitter here.

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