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“ME PRECIOUS!”: Cookie Monster Seeks The Dessert Of Power in Lord of the Crumbs

In the land of Mordor where the chocolate chips lie.

Sure, Sesame Street played a little fast and loose with the plot of Tolkien’s beloved trilogy for this adorable parody, making it less about a terrible ring of powerful evil and more about a recipe for a delicious cookie that needs to be baked in the “fires of Mount Crumb.” But hey, details, right?

One thing they do get right for sure, though — Gollum was a hobbit before he became the gnarled little CGI monster we all know and love now. Either way, we’re not as interested in accuracy as we are in that awesome Galadriel muppet telling Cookie Gollum not to eat raw eggs. Guess Tom Hiddleston’s lesson in delayed gratification really paid off.

(via Sesame Street on Youtube)

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