Mobius giving a thumbs up in Loki

Loki’s Midseason Teaser Gives Us the Mobius Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For—Almost

Dreams do come true. Or at least mine did in the two seconds of screen time Mobius M. Mobius got with some jet skis in the midseason trailer for the last two episodes of Disney+’s Loki season 2.

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We left episode 4 off with a lot of unanswered questions—mainly “Is anyone alive?” With a blast that took out the TVA after the Temporal Loom was overloaded, we didn’t know what fate awaited Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Mobius, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), O.B (Ke Huy Quan), and the rest of the TVA. We did know that Victor Timely was spaghetti.

In the trailer for the last two episodes of the season, we get a brief glimpse into what is to come, and it seems as if our beloved characters were transported away, or at least Loki is okay and off to try to find his friends, including his Mobius. And where, pray tell, is Mobius M. Mobius after the Temporal Loom exploded the TVA? Working on a timeline. We don’t know which one, but he’s working a regular job and a little confused as to what the TVA even is. That’s not important though. What’s important is what he’s selling.

Loki goes into the building to find him, only to be surrounded by a plethora of objects like ATVs and other outdoor recreation vehicles—including the one thing that Mobius wanted more than anything else in this world: Jet skis. Whether this is a clue to what Mobius did before the TVA or some dream reality, we don’t know, but with the TVA gone, we at least know where Mobius is, and that’s selling jet skis to Loki—or at least he’s trying to.

He finally has all his jet skis!

Mobius and his jet skis in Loki

Look, this is a nice tease to have Mobius standing in front of the jet skis. It’s nice to think that he’s obsessed with them because he used to sell them, but if this show does not feature Owen Wilson on a jet ski with Loki at some point, I will be writing a strongly worded essay for multiple reasons, one being that we’ve been sold from the beginning that he just really wants to ride a jet ski. Him selling them is fine and well and this is cute but I want to see him on one.

And after tandem bike gate, I really just want one aspect of Mobius to be followed through on. I can’t be teased about something and not see it happen. So please, don’t let his story be that he just sells jet skis. Let him be a sad single man on his timeline who loves to go out on the water from time to time, and he finds love in his throuple (with Sylvie and Loki) and the three of them find their happily ever after all together riding off on their jet ski. Singular.

Still, Mobius being a jet ski salesman is hilarious given how obsessed he is with them in the TVA.

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