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Loki Was Supposed to be REALLY Dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, More Than Once

You can't kill a trickster!

tom hiddleston in the loki serie sneak peak

So you know when Loki died in Thor: The Dark World and then came back pretending to be Odin in Ragnarok, only to die a movie later in Avengers: Infinity War? For realz this time? Well apparently, he was supposed to be super dead in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe both those times, and yet we have Loki heading our way in June. So maybe Loki really is the best trickster out there.

But as we’re getting closer to the release of Loki on Disney+, star Tom Hiddleston and Kevin Feige have taken to talk about his journey throughout the Marvel movies and revealing a lot about the trickster god.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hiddleston and Feige talked about how Loki was marked for death TWICE in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And yet, here he is. “It felt very, very final, and I thought, ‘Okay, that’s it. This is Loki’s final bow and a conclusive end to the Odinson saga,’” Hiddleston told EW of the character’s death in Infinity War.

But that still wasn’t the end of Loki. Because we know what happened in Avengers: Endgame, which, according to Feige, was just meant to be a mishap for the Avengers, not an opportunity for more Loki stories: “[That scene] was really more of a wrinkle so that one of the missions that the Avengers went on in Endgame could get screwed up and not go well, which is what required Cap and Tony to go further back in time to the ’70s,” Feige said. He then went on to talk about how that “loose end” of Loki using the tesseract to portal away from the Battle of New York gave them an in for the show once discussions about Disney+ series started up.

And thus, Loki was born. But it is funny that the trickster is the one who has evaded death so many times over, especially since the studio did see him dying. Still, getting to see Loki explored in this new way and completely on his own is fun!

“One of the things Kevin Feige led on was, ‘I think we should find a way of exploring the parts of Loki that are independent of his relationship with Thor,’ or see him in a duality or in relationship with others, which I thought was very exciting. So the Odinson saga, that trilogy of films, still has its integrity, and we don’t have to reopen it and retell it,” Hiddleston said, and good. I’m ready to explore Loki as a character separate from his on/off relationship with his brother.

It’s Loki’s time and if you’ve been online for as long as I have, you know that so many of us have been waiting for this show since Tom Hiddleston first appeared in Thor. So whatever Loki is going to sell to us, I’m here for it, especially if it is a journey just for Loki.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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