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Before Season 2, Let’s Remember Loki’s Hottest Moments in Season 1

Loki was a reminder that a lot of us really love Tom Hiddleston. No, really. There is a reason that Loki became Tumblr’s darling back during the Thor days. Hiddleston is cute time and time again, just always an adorable man we love with our whole heart. It’s why he’s still a favorite among fans. He is a beloved anti-hero of mine and seeing him return for Loki season 2 has been a long time coming. The show, which ended its first season back in July of 2021, was instantly loved by fans.

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That means though that we’ve been without Loki for over two years, and Loki fans have honestly done a lot of waiting. We’ve waited for him to have his time in the Sun, and then we’ve waited for season 2 for years. Now, as we’re less than a week away from the premiere of it, why not revisit Loki’s hottest moments in season 1 just for the fun of it?

Look, I know that labeling the hottest moments that Loki has had is hard. He’s always hot, especially now that they’ve figured out his wigs. Going in chronological order, we can look through each episode and look through some moments that really just stick out and remind us why Loki has the staying power that led to him getting his own show in the first place. And also, who doesn’t want to just talk about Hiddleston being hot every once in a while? So sit back, enjoy, and let’s embark on a journey through the hotness of Loki season 1.

Naked Loki

Shirtless Tom Hiddleston at the TVA in Loki season 1

The first episode of Loki, called “Glorious Purpose,” focuses on Loki figuring out what exactly is happening to him after he steals the tesseract in Avengers: Endgame. When he’s being brought into the TVA (Time Variance Authority), a robot takes off his clothes. Is this the hottest thing that Loki himself does? No, but it is just showing the world how hot Tom Hiddleston is because the reality is that Marvel rarely lets their characters be seen as “attractive” in this way.

Yes, we have Cap pulling a helicopter down with his arms and we have shirtless heroes on occasion, but there hasn’t been this moment for Loki. Those were often left for Thor, and this was the first time that it felt like Loki was getting recognized as the hot brother for once, and it was a nice moment for him.

Loki crying over his other life

Depressed Tom Hiddleston in Loki season 1

In the first episode, a lot of the time is spent with Loki in a room with Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) talking about his life, only to reveal that Mobius needs his help. Somehow, one of the hottest moments in the entire episode comes when Loki is crying over learning all about what happens to him in his main timeline. Maybe it’s a man in touch with his emotions or maybe just the idea of Loki finally understanding that his “glorious” purpose is all about understanding that this life of mischief leads to him doing the right thing to save his brother, but it is weirdly hot.

Seeing Loki sad and crying? I like it! I like it a lot!

Learning about the TVA from Miss Minutes

Tom Hiddleston at a desk in Loki season 1

Loki quickly learns from Mobius what his “purpose” is: helping the TVA stop a Loki. There is a variant of himself causing havoc around the timeline and they need to stop this Loki. That means that our Loki has to learn what the TVA is all about, and Miss Minutes is the girl for the job. Voiced by Tara Strong, Miss Minutes does not like that he doesn’t take his studies seriously, but the two share a moment that is so mundane that it is fun to see Loki in.

For the most part, what we’ve seen for him is just constant missions with his brother or chaos he’s caused for the Avengers and to see him sitting at a desk with his feet up reading a magazine? Beautiful, no notes.

Loki and his hot TVA jacket

Tom Hiddleston in his TVA jacket in Loki season 1

There is a reason that everyone man with dark hair has bought himself a TVA jacket for conventions. This is a good look. Loki brought us a great many gifts and Loki in his “variant” jacket is one of them. Is it the combination of the button-up shirt, tie, nice pants, and jacket combo? Probably. That and the black hair. I think the hair does a lot of the work here but then again, I just really love how they’ve figured out the wig to work for Hiddleston throughout the season.

Seeing him debut the jacket is like nothing else and when he just wears it throughout the rest of the episode? Art.

Flirting and excited about information

Loki giving a thumbs up to Mobius in Loki season 1

While doing what Mobius told him to do (after tanking their mission), Loki is flirting with the librarian and then gets really excited when he actually figures something out about the case. He discovers that the other Loki is hiding in apocalypses. He describes this to Mobius through an entire display where he destroys his lunch, excitedly begs to go to an apocalypse, and then convinces Mobius to take him somewhere to prove the point to him.

Mobius, to his credit, tries to apologize to Loki for Ragnarok even though it isn’t Mobius’ fault, and Loki says, “Yes, very sad,” but it’s Loki’s enthusiasm for figuring it out that is attractive.

“Nothing matters!”

Loki yelling nothing matters

What’s better than Loki being told he can be hot and chaotic in Pompeii? The “apocalypse” that Mobius takes him to is Pompeii, where Loki just goes haywire to make sure that there is no variation that the TVA would be alerted to, in his own way proving his point. The way he does so is by telling everyone he’s from the future and throwing things around, screaming “nothing matters” while he does it. Somehow, this is one of the hottest things Loki has ever done.

Maybe it’s just because we’ve all been there. We’ve all been just done with caring, but it really is beautiful seeing him just stop caring and throwing things around because whatever he does has no consequences. And also seeing Loki proven right is really nice.

Magic clothes dryer

Loki using magic to dry himself off

It is so quick but boy oh boy does it have a lasting impression. Loki is soaking wet, a great look in itself. But then he suddenly uses magic and is dry. On the one hand, stay wet, king. On the other, Loki … that trick … a dream come true. Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) hates Loki when she’s paired with him, and the fact that he uses magic to dry himself really just grinds her gears, but she does seem to really hate that he does this.

Me? I love it. Could watch him using magic to just be dry on a loop all day every day if someone made it for me.

Entire Loki vs. Loki battle

Loki with some shampoo in Loki

Loki dealing with his variant self is great because he still doesn’t know who Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) is. They keep referring to the variant as a he and as a Loki (something Sylvie hates), and Loki keeps just talking to this variant through other people because Sylvie uses magic to project herself into others. This frustration does lead to a very hot, angry reaction from Loki, though. This fight is less of a fight and more of Loki just being thrown into the shampoo aisle by all the different people Sylvie overtakes.

Still, watching Loki get angrier and angrier does work because he’s just so frustrated by what’s going on until he can’t take it anymore and snaps and that’s when Sylvie finally reveals herself to him. I’d like to think she saw the curls falling into his face and said, “Okay I have to say hi, right?”

Loki and his knives

Loki holding two knives

What does it say about me that I do love the knives that Loki has? Or better that I just like the shots of him holding them when we barely see his face? You know what, better not to think too much about it. Either way, this sequence with Loki and his knives was a very nice. The knives are a trend with his character from the jump and it’s really something that is important to fans but it also really is just hot. I don’t want to think that deeply into it but it’s just nice to see a man using a weapon so sleek with fighting.

I think it’s just that we’re used to a weapon of choice being a “gun” so when someone uses a weapon that is less aggressive, it’s just nice to see.

Loki getting thrown off a porch

Loki and Sylvie sitting on a planet in Loki

Who gets thrown off a porch and fixes their jacket first and foremost? Well, Loki. That’s who? He was shot off someone’s yard when Sylvie and Loki escaped the TVA and tried to take them somewhere else. When he used the TemPad, he brought them to Lamentis-1. It was an apocalypse on Sylvie’s list but one that she refused to go to because it was so bad no one survived it and the TemPad that Loki used was dying so they were trying to find a way to charge it and Loki’s brilliant plan was to pretend to be this woman’s husband who was gone. What he got was a kicked off her porch and instead of just laying there, he say up and fixed his jacket like a frat boy during pledge week.

Why Loki did this? I’ll never know but I do fear I will never stop thinking about it and that’s my burden. I have been burdened with glorious purpose and it is to think about Loki pushing his hair back and fixing his jacket for the rest of my days.

Singing in Asgardian

Loki singing in Asgardian

Talking about a scene that is just one hot moment after the other. When our bisexual king came out to his variant self, Loki said that “love is hate” with a flick of a quill he created out of nowhere (while also producing fireworks from his own hand). He also drank a lot of champagne, got drunk, and began singing an Asgardian song so loudly that Sylvie and he got kicked off their ticket out off Lamentis-1. The hottest moment in this scene though is also probably the moment that is sadly the most relatable.

Loki is talking about love a lot, mainly because of Sylvie’s “love is hate” jab and so when she wakes up to find drunk Loki singing, he says that he figured it out and says “Love is a dagger. It’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful until it makes you bleed.” Ouch.

A caring Loki is a hot one

Loki sitting with Sylvie on a doomed planet

Remember how before whenever Loki would “care,” we’d be afraid that he had some other motive? Now, that fear is gone. When he cares, you know he deeply means it and that’s why when he seemingly knows where Sylvie is coming from, he doesn’t feel fake. Sylvie is frustrated with him and rightfully so. He ruined their way out, broke the TemPad, and all she could really do is yell. So when he sits down and asks her if that makes her feel better, she says yes to him and the two share a moment just sitting side by side.

Look, the bar for men doing hot things is on the floor. We don’t expect anything from them because they really don’t ever do anything surprising so when they do shock us, it’s hot. Loki caring in that moment? The bare minimum and yet worthy of note!


Loki and his forearms walking with Sylvie

If I, as a red blooded straight woman in the year of our lord 2023, was to rank the things that I find really attractive, I’d have to rank forearms pretty high up on the list. Don’t ask me to explain it and I don’t think anyone who is attracted to men can. There’s just something about forearms that really just work. It’s a thing, there’s a whole deep dive out there on the internet about it. Mainly because the forearm renaissance has come to us and Loki too the chance while it had it.

Loki and Sylvie are trying to find their way out and Loki rolls his sleeves up, ready to get down to business and that’s when you hear a sea of Loki fans just crying for help because we are all goners after that moment. No one can survive a good forearm moment.

Defeated Loki

Loki looking defeated

Loki thought he was so smart, he thought he was getting them out of Lamentis-1 safely and failed miserably. Seeing him fail so aggressively wasn’t the hot part. No, it was nice though. Tom Hiddleston sure is a pretty runner. But it was the final moments of the big action sequence, after Sylvie walks away from Loki when he is standing looking at their lost hope and he looks as defeated as can be.

Part of the allure of Loki may be that he is a real fixer-upper of a man. The kind you’d tell your friends you can work on if you brought him around and seeing just how upset he is in the end of this episode really just worked in a very upsetting way that somehow was hot. Don’t ask questions.

Loki on his knees, wearing a collar

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in a collar in Loki

This was bound to be on here. If you thought I was going to make an entire list and not include that moment when Loki is on his knees in a collar begging for forgiveness? Loki knew exactly what it was doing with this shot and it was the stuff fanfiction is made of. The internet lost their minds with this moment and for good reason: This is the kind of stuff Loki fans have been dreaming of for years on end.

Yes, we’re a warped little group of people but come on, someone on the back end of this show knew what was happening and let it happen for us. That’s the only explanation for this because there’s no way this ended up on Disney+ without someone pointing out what was happening in this shot. Right?

Mobius and Loki trying to save each other

Mobius talking to Loki at a table in the TVA

Again, Loki caring is hot. When he does actually care about someone, you can see it and that makes for a great look on the god. When Loki and Sylvie think their time has come, they hold hands and cause a spike in the timeline alerting the TVA to their whereabouts. It gets them out of Lamentis-1 in enough time to go back to the TVA but they are prisoners once again and they have to be interrogated. In that, Loki is, instead, trying to convince Mobius that the TVA is lying to them.

On the one hand, he’s right. On the other, he’s given Mobius no reason to trust him ever. Still, he shows that he’s not lying by yelling at him in the end and caring aggressively to him when he’s desperate for him to hear him and that’s truly a sign of love (did I mention that I want Mobius, Loki, and Sylvie to all smooch each other yet?).

Crying over Mobius

Loki looking sad about Mobius

Ravonna (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) prunes Mobius and before Loki knows that pruning people means absolutely nothing, he is so depressed that his somewhat boyfriend is gone that he just walks around the TVA like a depressed little boy and it’s very cute and sweet. He’s walking around, looking like he just lost the love of his life and even when he sees that Sylvie isn’t actually dead like Mobius made him think she was, he still doesn’t look that happy.

It makes it obvious that Loki cares a lot about Mobius, as if we didn’t already know that given how much he wants Mobius to wake up to what the TVA is doing to him.

No back like Loki’s

Loki walking into a room

Sometimes, you just have an impressive back. There are those in the world you can spot their back from a mile away. Chris Evans is shaped like a Dorito and you can instantly tell which is his back because of that. Hiddleston isn’t the shape but more how he carries himself and Loki really helps with that given how they dressed him throughout season 1 and just how the show as a whole elevated what we already loved about the character and made it something completely special for fans to have and celebrate.

Much like forearms, it is just a thing! Sorry, you get it or you don’t and that’s the simply fact of it.

Loki getting pruned

Loki getting pruned at the TVA

Only Loki can make maybe dying hot. After all, he’s done it time and time again. Throughout the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has died and come back (or died and then a different Loki has taken over) and we’ve seen him back in action. Each time, he’s done so and still looked good while doing it. Made better each time they figured out what to do with his hair but that’s just me and my obsession with the Loki wigs.

This time though, Loki was emotional as he was talking to Sylvie and it looked like he was about to admit something to her. Then Renslayer decided to go ahead and prune him and somehow he made that attractive? It’s not FAIR.

Loki learning about Alligator Loki

Loki learning about alligator Loki

Whenever Loki gets pruned, he has a lot of things thrown at him all at once. Things in this moment being other Lokis. One being that he is also an alligator. Personally, I love Alligator Loki very much. He’s my tiny king who I would die for but there is just something about our Loki finding out that he is somehow an alligator that really just is the most wholesome of reactions that you can’t help but love him. Just head back, arms spread in shock? We’ve all been there.

Well, maybe not there specifically because I’ve personally never learned that I too am an alligator but it wouldn’t surprise me (and it didn’t surprise Loki either).

Drinking wine with the Lokis

Loki sad drinking with all the different Lokis

Do you ever sit depressed with your new friends, who are all other variations of yourself, and just drink some boxed wine? Do you do that while looking very hot? Well, you too must be a Loki! Look, he doesn’t know what is happening at this point. He thinks Mobius is probably dead and he doesn’t know if he will see Sylvie again and he just learned that in one universe, he’s an alligator so he’s just sad drinking this boxed wine and listening to Richard E. Grant talk about his sad life when he ran away from Thanos. I get it.

The point is though, he looks really good in this moment even if he does look sad at the same time. I’m going to attribute it to the forearms still being on display (I’m telling you, they do a lot of work!).

President Loki’s entire deal

President Loki and his entire deal

This man rolled up to the party to be the most chaotic thing there and then just got his hand bitten off and still wasn’t even sure what he was trying to accomplish. And I loved him. Maybe because his outfit was perfection. Hot President Loki would have my vote but I’m easy to sway. He clearly annoyed our Loki (who has grown so much throughout his time with the TVA and doesn’t have time for this nonsense anymore) and when the attack began, it was the perfect distraction that our Loki needed.

So technically this wasn’t the Loki we’ve been talking about (those this scene had plenty of hot moments for him like basically skipping through the bloodshed) but President Loki does deserve a special shout out.

Conjure me a blanket, Loki

Sylvie and Loki with a blanket

I want to make it clear yet again that the bar for men is on the floor. In fact it is buried six feet under ground and yet a god conjuring up a blanket first for himself and then offering to conjure one up for the female variant of himself is still very cute. This scene is very sweet in a weird romantic way given the fact that they are….each other? Don’t think about it too much. These two characters have been so alone for so much of their lives that when they open up, even if it is to the only person who would know them best (themselves), it is nice to see.

The blanket bit just makes Loki that much sweeter. He’s willing to make jokes and tease Sylvie but he’s more just trying to make sure she’s okay before they have to face off against the next big bad that awaits them in their fight for their lives. HOT.


Loki conjuring up a garter

We’ve talked about a great many things that Loki does in this show that he just knows what he’s doing and creating a garter for this knife definitely is one of them. What was he thinking? I don’t know but every single look he has throughout this show just keeps getting better and better and boy oh boy did the knife garter break me. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it did! There’s no reason for this. In fact, he’s magic. He could have literally done anything else with this knife.

Instead, he decided to put a garter on himself and torture all of us further and that’s really not fair. How was I meant to focus on anything other than his arms for the rest of the show? (Newsflash: I didn’t I had to watch the last two episodes like 4 times before I understood anything happening.)

Fire knife, ignite!

Fire knife Loki!

How is a fire knife going to fight a smoke monster? I don’t know. Does it work fighting Alioth? No. No it does not. It takes Sylvie and Loki working together for them to succeed but it was hot (pun not intended) seeing Loki catch his dagger on fire in a threatening way as what I assume was a distraction tactic. Look, sometimes, you just have to go out of your way to be a nuisance so that the other person can do what they need to in this situation.

That’s what Loki’s job was and if he had to look hot while doing it, then who was going to stop him? Certainly not us!

Supportive Loki

Loki clearly loving Sylvie trying to be supportive

Loki going from the man who wanted to be loved and the center of attention to a supportive let me gaze longingly at my variant type was some whiplash I, personally, was not prepared for. Still, I loved it. By the end of the season, in “For All Time. Always,” we saw as Loki would just sort of follow Sylvie’s lead until he couldn’t do it anymore. First though, we see a lot of glances like this one that do make you swoon a little bit each time it happens.

Maybe it is because I’d give my hand for a man to look at me like that but then again, the point is that you don’t see them looking at you like it. Whatever, this was truly when I started to break and realize that I would gladly take Mobius/Loki/Sylvie all living on a planet together riding jetskis as the finale of the show and that’s my happy ending.

Whip my hair back and forth Loki

Loki flipping his hair all the ding dang time

Of course I wanted to call out Loki flipping his hair back and forth all the time but I wanted to wait until the last episode. Mainly because if I did it every single time it happened, this piece would be triple the size it already is. I love this boy and his long black hair but he does love to flip it. Coined The Loki Hair Flip™, the move is something else. Why does he do it? I guess it’s the equivalent of when those of us with long hair toss it back with one hand? For me, that’s not attractive but it’s something that I do so I wouldn’t be attracted to it. Tom Hiddleston throwing his whole head back to move his hair out of his face? That’s a different story.

It happens constantly and each time, I am mesmerized by it. Couldn’t explain it and don’t really want to, just want to watch it on a loop. And you can.

Sitting with the knife

Loki and this freaking knife

Okay now who gave him the right to go into a meeting with He Who Remains and sit with his knife just across his lap like that? Sure, Sylvie is doing the same thing because they are just variants of each other but also that’s not the point I am making here. The point is that Tom Hiddleston sitting with a knife across his lap is not fair to me as a person and yet this is what this show did to me and this is how they left us.

Throughout most of their interaction with He Who Remains, Loki and Sylvie were listening to him explain why the TVA was created and what would happen if he were to leave this realm. They did a lot of sitting, is the point. And that means that Loki sat there with the knife in his lap for a lot of it and boy it was a lot to take in.

Loki almost dying and sobbing at Sylvie, breaking hearts

Loki Sylvie and He Who Remains

The action of the entire episode came when Sylvie decided that she didn’t believe what He Who Remains was saying to her. Throughout the entire speech, they were told that the reality was kill him and unleash all his variants or rule together and keep the TVA in power. Sylvie didn’t want to believe it and wanted to just kill him anyway. Loki believed him though and in a move of pleading with the woman he had feelings for, he jumped in front of her and threw down his weapon and…okay so the shirt is doing a lot of work but it is still very hot to see.

Loki is pleading with Sylvie and while we have seen him beg before, it’s not in this way. His pleading is typically to get something he wants but this is one of the first moments where he is pleading because he genuinely thinks that Sylvie is wrong. And that desperation? Well, it’s attractive, I’ll say that.

Life in shambles, cry out your feelings Loki

Loki, defeated, crying in a dark room

This show really knows how to just make Loki crying one of the most beautiful things possible. When Sylvie sends Loki back to the TVA, he’s a mess. He’s sitting in a room just crying to himself and he truly looks so sad. That sadness? Hot. What does that say about me that I’m writing this in a piece about the hottest moments in Loki? That I don’t know nor do I want to unpack at this point in the piece but you can do that on your own. Don’t tell me about it though, I don’t care to know.

Still, Loki is so distraught but the hotness comes when he brushes his pain off and makes the decision that he has to go and find his boyfriend and figure out what is going on now that Sylvie has decided to kill He Who Remains despite his warnings.

Run to your boyfriend, king

Loki running to his boyfriend Mobius

This show starts with Mobius running to Loki’s aid and it ends with Loki quite literally running to Mobius and that, to me, is hot. He clears away his tears from his broken heart and runs to Mobius who doesn’t even remember who he is and is trying to figure out just how much Sylvie messed up the timeline and filthy Loki just really looks like a perfect boyfriend for everyone to smooch.

This show really is the hottest thing that Disney+ and Marvel could have given us and that’s really special to me. Now, we just have to wait a few more days until season 2 starts and with how hot season 1 was, we have to assume all that hotness will continue in season 2, right?

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