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Logan Trailer Introduces X-23 but Makes Us Worry About Her Future

The Logan trailer has finally arrived, and yes: it’s corny as heck. As soon as the the familiar strains of Johnny Cash’s iconic cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt” started playing, you knew you’d be in for some very dramatic machismo from Hugh Jackman, and the man has delivered. We also get our first look at the core trio of heroes: Logan himself, an elderly Professor X, and… drumroll… X-23.

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We still don’t know if this character is Laura Kinney, a.k.a. the original X-23, or if she’s a female clone of Wolverine at all. But we do know from the trailer that she shares Wolverine’s powers, and she’s young and a fighter. She doesn’t say any lines, though, and she only fights for a split second. But she’s in there, brooding and looking dramatic enough to bear the claws.

There are a lot of shots of Wolverine, Xavier, and maybe-Laura in a truck together; at first it’s just Logan and Xavier, and later Laura joins the party. This definitely looks like a post-apocalyptic road trip type of movie, and the Johnny Cash soundtrack adds to that vibe. Also, this might only be because I recently rewatched Real Steel, which is a so-bad-it’s-good Hugh Jackman movie in which he drives a truck and participates in robot boxing, but the Logan trailer gave me a futuristic-cowboy vibe. Maybe it’s all the trucks, I don’t know, but I see similarities.

I’m still excited to see X-23 in action, but one aspect of the trailer that disappointed me is that it’s now very clear that Logan is set in a future that is very different from that of the other X-Men movies. We already knew that this would be set in the future, due to the promotional stills showing Professor X’s age, but I had some hope that this future would be one where Laura would still be able to meet up with the rest of the X-Men. (How old is Scott Summers in this timeline? Is he at the X-Mansion? Does it still exist? Is it too late to get Emma Frost back in the mix? I mean, I realize she’s already in the wrong timeline, but… come on, we can fix it, right?)

We hear Logan tell us at the beginning of the trailer that “mutants are gone.” They don’t have Scarlet Witch in this universe, so this can’t be a House of M situation–but it still sounds ominous to me. Mostly because now, I’m not sure if I can hope for Laura to have a real future anymore. In the comics, she has a horrific childhood, but she eventually gets to meet the rest of the X-Men and learn from them and (gasp) make some actual friends her own age and have a life. In this version… well, I’m just not sure if that’s a possibility for her. My original hope to see a bunch of X-23 movies after this is starting to fade.

I hope I’m wrong. And I also hope that eventually we get to see a trailer where she actually gets to talk. I mean, I realize this movie is called Logan, and I’m happy to give Hugh Jackman a send-off, but… I’m here for X-23.

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