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LMFAO ‘Alien: Resurrection’ Director Finally Had Enough of Joss Whedon’s Trash Talk

Doesn't have to be mean to my fellow nerds in the process, though.

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed Alien: Resurrection, and for years, Joss Whedon has trashed the film and the experience of it. (He is credited on it as screenwriter.) While Whedon famously sucks, he has also talked about this movie all the time despite it being old enough to rent a car this year (released at the end of November in 1997). And so, finally, Jeunet fired back at Whedon but he also insulted comic book fans, which I don’t love, but hey, it still is funny to hear him snap back at Joss.

While I don’t like the quote and its diss of Marvel fans (because Joss Whedon did not make the best Marvel movies anyway), I do like that it’s standing up against Whedon. “I know Joss Whedon said some bad things about me. I don’t care,” Jeunet told The Independent. “I know if Joss Whedon had made the film himself, it probably would have been a big success. He’s very good at making films for American geeks – something for morons. Because he’s very good at making Marvel films. I hate this kind of movie. It’s so silly, so stupid.”

It’s not nice to everyone else, but it is about time that Jeunet said something about Whedon constantly going on about this movie.

Don’t blame all nerds for the sins of Joss Whedon

Part of the quote really doesn’t sit right with me, though, and it is Jeunet saying that “American geeks” are, essentially, morons. Because not only does that make little sense given the fact that American geeks love the Alien franchise, but it also is saying that anyone who likes the Marvel franchise is “silly, so stupid” because he hates that kind of movie.

It just goes back to the idea that people feel empowered by the fact that they don’t like something, and good for them, but why is it my problem that they don’t like superhero movies? Why am I somehow less intelligent for enjoying a comic book character? Because the reality is that I think it’s much worse to be an ass to people for liking something. But hey, at least Joss Whedon got what was coming to him in the crossfire.

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