Yitty announces Your Skin gender-affirming shapewear

Lizzo Just Announced a Super Exciting Line of Gender-Affirming Shapewear from Yitty

Adding to the reasons why we love Lizzo, the music icon is expanding the offerings from her inclusive shapewear brand, Yitty. On Thursday, she announced Your Skin, a line of gender-affirming shapewear for all kinds of bodies. Slated for launch this summer, Yitty will offer binder tops and tucking thongs made from the brand’s ‘Headliner’ fabric in sizes 6X to XS.

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In the announcement, Lizzo poses alongside models Simone Niamani Thompson, Angelica M Rodriguez, and Shaheem. They are all wearing Your Skin shapewear in black, in a few styles including binder tops, cycle-style shorts, thongs, and bodysuits. An additional preview on Lizzo’s Instagram also shows the pieces in purple.

“When we say we support every body, we mean it. We believe in radical self-love for people of all gender identities—including the trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender non-conforming communities that have been chronically underserved. So, we decided to take our expertise and create styles that serve those very same communities,” the announcement says.

It continues: “Your Skin by Yitty has been a true passion project. Constructed out of our famous Headliner fabric, our new Binder Top and Tucking Thong have been two years in the making—perfected over time through extensive wear testing, community feedback and attention to every meticulous detail. It is our mission to continue serving all bodies, which is why these core styles will always be available at Yitty, starting late summer 2023. And this is just the beginning. We hope you can feel the love in every stitch.”

Yitty launched last year and has released a steady stream of products since, in a variety of fabrics and fits. Adding gender-affirming shapewear to the brand makes sense for its mission, which is to provide shapewear for all types of bodies.

Plus, Lizzo has long been outspoken about LGBTQIA+ rights, including vocal support for transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. In her post about Your Skin, Lizzo emphasizes why this addition to her clothing brand is so important.

“I’ve watched countless videos of people crafting their own garments to wrap or tuck their bodies so their body can truly feel like theirs. I’ve heard people talk about their preference of wanting to be fluid in how they want to present their bodies depending on their mood or style of clothing. And I wanted to help,” she writes in an Instagram post.

“I called my team at Yitty and they immediately jumped to action. It took 2 years of extensive wear testing, community feedback, and attention to detail. I’m excited to say we have a great product that’s [sic] promises to grow and expand with Your needs,” she continues. “I’ve already read positive comments about how we can offer more to the non-binary, trans, gender-fluid community I wanna hear more! Your feedback is not only valuable but a necessity to us. Because we do this for You. Every Damn Body. Xoxo Lizzo”

Yitty has not yet provided an exact launch date for its Your Skin binder tops and tucking thongs, but we know it will happen in late summer. Knowing these products have apparently been in production for two years with testing and feedback stages is super encouraging, and knowing they’ll be part of Yitty’s core offerings is fantastic. Overall, Yitty has received rave reviews from customers (full disclosure, I’m one of those customers), and the Your Skin announcement has already generated a ton of buzz.

Pricing information for the line will likely be available closer to launch. Yitty is a subscription service through Fabletics, so pricing is determined by membership status in addition to regular sales. For more information, visit yitty.fabletics.com.

(featured image: Yitty)

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