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Lizzo’s Speech at The Grammys Highlights Why We Love Her

Lizzo winning

One of the things about Lizzo is that her music just brings joy to fans. So when she won Record of the Year, it was so nice to see someone that pure and good in this world win. That’s not something I’m saying lightly. Lizzo just brings such happiness to fans and to see her have that moment? Just meant a lot because she deserved it. Watching as she genuinely looked shocked to win shows that she never expected to take it home and was just there to celebrate those she loves.

Throughout the night, Lizzo had been cheering on Harry Styles and Beyoncé and hugged Adele when she won. But Lizzo actually taking home Record of the Year was special not only because she deserved it but because she used her speech to do what Lizzo does best: inspire.

She talked about how when Prince passed away, she wanted to be the source of joy in this world with her music. It led to her seeing Beyoncé and thanking her for her music and what it did for her. It was just such a joy to see her so happy to be on stage looking at those who inspired her.

But the thing is: Lizzo continues to inspire us.

Being an inspiration to us all

What makes us love Lizzo is a number of things. It’s her ability to make us all feel “special” despite how cheesy that sounds. I just feel like if you were trying to be mean to yourself in her presence, she’d be ready to tell you how wrong that is. She inspires us to love ourselves and each other in a way that not many other artists have tried.

Lizzo herself said that she knew that it was something new and that people wouldn’t get it but look at what she has accomplished. She’s helped a generation of people love themselves. I listen to Lizzo and I know that I am special and I am someone who is worth it. That’s the power she brings to us all and to see her speech and to know that she is just as genuine as we all thought she was? That’s just another reason to love Lizzo.

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