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Amazingly Detailed Cityscape Carved Into 2.5 Tons of Marble

If you happen to have 2.5 tons of marble on hand and also happen to be an incredibly accomplished sculptor, then you could make this incredibly detailed model of Manhattan yourself! If none of these things apply to you, it’s probably better that you look at this work entitled Little Manhattan by Yutaka Sone. Not merely in the shape of the famed New York island, the top of the sculpture has a tiny reproduction of buildings and city blocks carefully carved into its surface. Astute readers will recall how much I enjoy tiny models of much larger things.

Currently, the work is on display at a Manhattan gallery. Meaning that for it to remain truly accurate, Sone would have to add a tiny Little Manhattan to her sculpture with a tinier Little Manhattan on that model and so on and so forth. Read on below for less infinite regression and more of Sone’s remarkable work. 

(David Zwirner gallery via Laughing Squid)

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